A Cookie Fiend’s Prelude: Getting Lean, Strong & Unstoppable!

So you’ve finally decided that you want to lose a few pounds, drop a few sizes, and get fit right? Well, welcome to my world, as a recovering Cookie Fiend I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that cookies, cupcakes and any other sugar-loaded-happy tasting treat you might crave are no longer the answer to anything.  That being said, there’s a very simple solution to getting the results you want, it won’t be easy, there’s no magic pill for it, but once you drink the workout Kool-Aid and start noticing the changes in your body, you’ll be hooked. 

Training time + Walking Dead Talks :)

RubbySlippers = Training time + Funny quotes +Walking Dead Talks 🙂

If you’re reading this you are either my awesome trainer (a.k.a.RubySlippers) who is making sure I “don’t embarrass us”, a good friend who has decided to humor me by reading what I’ve written or you’re a fellow cookie fiend looking for answers and maybe even a success story to fuel your own motivation.  If the latter is your case then ask yourself how bad do you want to change, to get better and stronger? If you’re honest with yourself and really want it bad enough you’ll get there. Trust me, once you’re determined to give it a TRY and douse yourself with a little UMPH no amount of clean eating or exercise, crazy circuits anyone throws at you will deter you.

To get you started I think you should make a list right now. Take a sheet of paper and on one side jot down point form your goals and all the benefits that getting fit and healthier would bring into your life. Then on the back write down the cons of working out and becoming a better you. Actually that second part is silly, I just wanted to see if you’d do it. To be honest the only thing to write beside the header of negative things about working out/eating better/getting healthy are the words “said no one EVER”.  Sometimes, we get so bogged down by life and stuff that we don’t see the obvious and that’s ok, that’s why we write ourselves reminders like your new goals and all the positive things you just jotted down.  So stick them on your fridge, your bathroom mirror or copy them and set them as your background, screensaver, really anywhere you know you’ll see them and remind yourself of them daily.  Remember, no matter what life has or is throwing at you, at the end of the day you are the only one responsible for who you chose to be.  So chose to be happy, chose to be stronger, healthier and better!  If you wake up and look at yourself in the mirror every morning and the person staring back at you isn’t making you happy, then it’s time for the you on this side of the looking glass to change things up.

Now that we’ve established that you are your own biggest roadblock on your path to a better and stronger you, you’re ready to get started. Remember that nutrition is just as important as exercise when it comes to shedding some of that unwanted weight. Changing those eating habits might be more challenging than working out, but don’t get discouraged just keep trying.  The less processed foods and sugar you eat the better.  Ideally going full-on Paleo and back to our caveman eating roots would be the way to go, but we don’t all evolve at the same speed so sometimes small and continuous changes are a better approach.  It can be something simple like replacing the milk and cereal combo with eggs, veggies and fruit or if you’re more adventurous why not some protein pancakes for breakfast. Or perhaps drinking more water instead of soda, or (gulp) giving up those cupcakes and coooookies.  Ok, so maybe we’ll take baby steps on that last one, but my fellow cookie fiends if The Cookie Monster himself went from saying: “Me want cookie! Me eat cookie! Om nom nom nom” to now knowing that “a cookie is a sometimes food” and snacking on fruits and even eggplant, then so can we Rawr!

The next move is totally up to you Dorothy “you don’t need to be helped any longer” because you have the power to get yourself onto the right path to where you want to be right there in your shoes, it’s been there all along…so get moving, don’t think about it just do it!


4 thoughts on “A Cookie Fiend’s Prelude: Getting Lean, Strong & Unstoppable!

  1. Love this!! I hope other people can follow along and realize that real people CAN do this!! It’s not all glamorized like in Hollywood. You’ll sweat, you might cry, you may even throw your stupid tofu noodles onto the floor in anger (I never did this…?!?) but eventually you’ll look back and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

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