Finding RubySlippers a.k.a. Kickass Personal Trainer

"We're not in Kansas anymore"

“We’re not in Kansas anymore”

I’ve never really bought into the idea of having a “personal trainer”, mainly because I like doing things my way.  But for some reason I’ve been enthralled by The Biggest Loser phenomenon and both trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper (OMG if only they could have the cutest babies together, aww! Ok, no, wait that’s not what we’re talking about today).  But seriously, I can’t stop watching, and even felt a little sad that they’d never pick me to be on the show, even though that is a good thing.  I never want to be that big, but I do want to train with Jillian and Bob, and that’s totally normal right?

Anyway, I’ve been weight watching as far back as I can remember.  Just so we’re clear, by weight watching I mean watching my weight go up and down, ok so more ups than downs but you get the idea.  It’s an unhealthy cycle and I know better which just makes it worst.  It usually starts with a few pounds here & there and before I know it my clothes fit a little too snug and then they just stop fitting all together.  It used to be easier to hide in the winter time with those big comfy sweaters I like, but since I moved and spent many years in a tropical climate, not so much.

So when the time comes for larger sizes I usually start to worry, then the weight comes off in one of two ways.  The first being health issues where you end up one stomach flu away from your ideal size (would not wish this on anyone, it’s awful).  The second being lots of exercise and an intense restrictive diet, which gets the results I want, but usually has my friends and loved ones offering me Snickers bars to appease the angry fiend I become. Either way, they are both unhealthy, one cannot be helped when it happens and the other well the food withdrawal drives you mental and the results are not long term.  Once you reach your weight goal you go back to your old ways, and before you know it’s a birthday here, a christening there, pizza for this, lasagna for that, an extra scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream and the fat is back baby!

Before RubySlippers

Before meeting RubySlippers

That being said, that’s not how I want this story to play out anymore.  This time I want to make changes I can live with and learn to love.  More importantly, this time I don’t want to just lose weight, instead I want to burn the excess fat away forever, get fit and stay that way indefinitely.  So, to help me out, my wonderful brother gave me a very special gift, no not cookies, but rather my very own personal training sessions.

Since Jillian and Bob seemed booked solid for the near future (darn Betty White for getting Bob), I had to find someone else.  But who would I pick?  For a moment I felt tingled with the power of choice like the kind you feel when you’re the one picking who gets to be on your dodgeball team at recess, you know what I’m talking about right?  So once I made up my mind about wanting a trainer to “JillianMichaels” me into shape, I started scouting.  So far I had only done Zumba a few times a week and maybe stepped on an elliptical or two.  In the few months that I had been at the gym I had managed to skillfully avoid most machines and weights.  Obviously I was also missing out on weight loss potential, ninja style.  So now those few extra minutes before Zumba class, I would watch the trainers at the gym with their clients.  Unfortunately, I soon lost interest because really I mean Jillian and Bob set the bar pretty high, and I wasn’t inspired by what I saw.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they are bad trainers, just not what I was looking for.

Until one day while waiting for my friend I saw this girl working out, beast mode! BeastmodeonActually it was a little scary, tough drill sergeant scary.  Since one should not stare too long, especially when the person you are staring at looks like they could skull crush you, I kept going and thought to myself too bad she’s not a trainer.  A few days later I saw her again, looking all chiseled in her short black shorts and her trainer shirt, and all I could think was wow that’s the kind of shape I’d like to be in!  Since I didn’t know her name I thought I’d introduce myself and ask if she could train me, but she was with a client so I decided to do it later.

Later turned into weeks, and then I saw her in the hallway all post workout sweaty in a cut-off shirt and those weird five fingers shoes, honestly she’s not tall or big but there’s something about her that’s a little intimidating when she’s staring right at you and you don’t know her.  Maybe it’s because she’s always so serious (but I dare not offer her cookies), whatever it was made me decide that she should train me.  Since I didn’t say anything in the hallway either, I decided I would just sign up at the front desk and describe her to them, yeah that seemed like a good idea at the time.  But really, what was I going to say? “Hi, so there’s this fierce looking trainer, slightly taller than me, big guns, toned legs, I don’t know her name but I want her to train me”, not likely.  So instead I asked if they had trainer bios since I was ready to pick my trainer, and a few were recommended but I was only looking for her picture to put a name to the face, I already knew that she was the One! (Yup! The one who never smiles, or so I thought…but more on that some  other time).

ptrainerAnd that is how RubySlippers came to be my personal trainer and #2 blurter of Walking Dead Spoilers, #1 being Sheldon Lee Cooper (I was still on season one).  Initially she didn’t have her signature red Nike Air Max shoes (which she dubbed ruby slippers), but she got them shortly after we started training together, or should I say shortly after she started kicking my ass at training time. Which by the way is also when I discovered she does smile every time she asks if you’re okay when you’re all covered in sweat, dying, and trying to remember how to breathe… Still, best gift ever from my brother!



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