Weak Too? But Getting Stronger!

After Week One, I basically spent the weekend wallowing in self-pity over all the sore muscles in my body, and catching up on some Walking Dead.  Poor Walkers, I feel their pain now.  I also kind of walk like them, and feel really hungry for a cookie or two-ish.  But RubySlippers says “sometimes you’re not hungry, you’re just bored girl learn the difference”, could there be some truth to this?  Well since I have a membership to a 24hr gym just a few blocks away, I decided to test her theory and went for a swim in the warm salt water pool.  I had the pool to myself, and although there was more floating than swimming, it felt great! I even forgot what I was craving earlier.  For a Cookie Fiend to forget about the Oreos she planned on getting on her way back home, that, I must say is a first!

puppy penBack to the drawing board with RubySlippers, who seems to be in the habit of misplacing her pens, so today we sign-in with a pink marker.  One would think her big zippered purple binder would have a spot for pens, but from what I can tell it’s occupied by hand sanitizer, gum packs & wrappers among other things… Totally not judging, just saying…

On Today’s Menu:

  • Chest Press
  • Lat Pulldowns
  • Back ext
  • Seated Rows
  • Incline press
  • Dead Lifts
  • Face Pulls
  • Close Grip BP
  • Push-ups
  • Core Torture uh… I mean exercises
  • There are other fun things jotted down in my workout journal but I can’t decipher the handwriting, she may have been a doctor in a past life…

Reps per set: IIII IIII II’ish, since trainer extraordinaire has a habit of periodically adding more weight to things, last few sets may have had less reps and some shaking.

Sets: III

Favorite words of the day: #Ok take a break, get some water #Yeah girl! You got this!

Side Effects:  #Sweat #exhaustion# still crying on the inside #trying really hard not to cry on the outside #sarcasm when replying to my trainer still there #longest hour of my life! #Is that clock broken?

Pros:  #heavier weights were lifted #muscles still sore but powering through it #The Walking Dead- Shane will be getting what he deserves. “Oh, sorry, I forget you’re still on season one…oops! Hahaha!” spoiler by you know who #RubbySlippers’ twisted sense of humor-Like #Has the cutest puppy –Double Like #post-workout high5 walkers

Cons:  There R no Cons in #training hard! However, RubySlippers does not watch The Big Bang Theory and her huge Achilles’ Heel is an adorable Min Pin Chihuahua mix… such a perplexing situation.  Could the latter be used to my advantage i.e. making my workouts less insane??? Note to self: find ways to sneak puppy into gym @ workout time 😉

Post-Workout:  Attempted rowing sprints


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