Back 4 More!

Someone recently told me that workout pain is temporary, so it’s become my new mantra and I chant it constantly in my head. This is temporary, this is temporary, this is temporaryyyyyy!!! Although my mind is starting to believe it, it still refuses to send the memo to my aching muscles.  Perhaps it’s time to revisit the warm salt water pool.  Or maybe I just shouldn’t go skating right before training, but that would just make too much sense now would it?  I am however thankful that the ice was kind to me today and I have no falls or ramming into the boards incidents to report, but none of that will matter by the end of today’s training session.skatingboards

I ran into RubbySlippers in the locker room before our session today, and since I had my stuff on the bench in front of my locker, she looked over at my hockey helmet and said “Oh, good you brought your helmet you’re gonna need it! *evil grin* see ya in 5”…I sat there for a few minutes actually considering wearing the helmet and maybe gloves just in case, JK, but no seriously the thought crossed my mind. wearhelmet1RubySlippers still had to search around the trainer counter for the ever elusive pen trying to be all tough and serious about it, it’s rather amusing.  Today she promised to be good about not giving away any Walking Dead spoilers, unless she decides I’m slacking off, so we’ll see how that goes.  On our way to the weight room we discuss guilty pleasures and the possibility of giving up cereal… *Sigh* I’ll miss you Corn Pops & Reese’s Puffs, like cookies, they too will be “a sometimes snack”.

caloriesdark sideWhy? Why?? Why??? Well a few reasons but the main ones are, one unlike Victoria’s secret, these hips don’t lie, and two well those silly calorie numbers you can check out in my previous post Guilt-Free Cookies On Sunday:  A Work In Progress

On Today’s Menu:

  • DB Curls
  • Skull Crushers (why do I like these?)
  • DB Thrusters
  • BB Thrusters
  • Hammer Curls
  • Walking lunges
  • Swings
  • Abs, abs, ouch!
  • So much more fun was had and scribbled on my workout journal (there may or may not be sarcasm here, I’ll let you decide) but what can I say…the handwriting!

Reps per set: IIII IIII II’ish

Sets: III

Favorite words of the day: #ok take a break, get some water #I’m trying to write it fast so we can actually train ok #yeah, maybe I should fix my writing #don’t hate you don’t even take your book home!

Side Effects:  #Sweat #hard work #dying on the mat #trying really hard not to cry on the outside #funny mutual sarcasm #I can actually laugh while catching my breath #still longest hour of my life! #Someone needs to check that clock

walker bait

The Walking Dead Spoiler Alert!

Pros:  #weights keep getting heavier #muscles are still alive #The Walking Dead-  ½ spoiler about Otis, no wait I’m not there yet! (almost dropped my weights)  #RubbySlippers’ too funny but abs hurt if I laugh #cute puppy –Want! #post-workout high5!

Cons:  There R no Cons in #training hard! –True Story.  #Must watch more Walking Dead episodes to avoid spoilers, oh wait wrong section that should be in Pros.

Note to self:

  • Keep working out…you don’t want to be Otis
  • Also keep working on ways to sneak puppy into gym @ workout time ASAP 😉

Post-Workout:  Rowing sprints, take-two! Cut!


2 thoughts on “Back 4 More!

  1. Hi! Do you realize if they make any plugins to protect against hackers? I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I have worked difficult on. Any tips?

    • Hi, I’m not familiar with the particular plugin you’re looking for. However, I would suggest that you make a back-up copy of what you post on your blog, that way if anything happens you won’t lose all your work. Thanks for stopping by my blog & best of luck to you!

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