ImageIt’s finally Sunday, and as usual, I wake up early.  It’s still dark out, and the house is quiet except for the background hum of the dehumidifier.  I look over at the numbers on the alarm and sure enough it’s 4:00 am.  I roll over in bed and try to go back to sleep, knowing full well that all I’ll really accomplish for the next few hours is fake-sleep.  After years of having to be up early I can’t seem to turn off the crazy internal alarm.  The problem is that unless I have to, I don’t make good use of those extra waking hours.  I know I should get up, and do something productive, maybe even get ready and be at the pool when it opens at 5 am…I’ve done it a time or two in the past, and yes it feel like I have more hours to get more things done in my day, but that’s not enough to get me out of bed that early each morning.  Perhaps if I actually went to bed early I could use this crazy wake up time to my advantage, or if I got myself a puppy, then I’d have to take him out for early walks… but maybe that’s not a good reason to get a puppy.

Still today is Sunday, it used to be one of my favorite days, early morning cartoons and pancakes (the real ones, none of those protein ones I make myself now eat).  When I was growing up Sunday was always a family day with bike rides in the park and take-out to go along with the supper time Disney movie.  I miss those days from a lifetime ago.  So today, as I lazy around in my fake-sleep deciding on whether or not I should get up and face the world, I decide that perhaps it’s a good day to go retro.  Thursdays are not the only days that can be throwback, so why not #ThrowbackSunday? I walk past the staircase and see pictures of smiling faces, my youngest brother and I riding a camel long ago, and I realize that although we’ll never live those days again, partly because now he would need his own camel, that doesn’t mean we can’t still have a nice Sunday family day.

Granted it’s not easy now that everybody is out and about doing their own thing, but I put the idea out there and we all agree it would make our mother happy.  These days I think she is what keeps us close by…yes she still drives us crazy at times and tries to hovers around us forgetting we are no longer five even though she also tries to hide the fact that she’s not as strong and invincible as she once was, and that is hardest part to accept, and even harder to type out loud.  She’s got spirit though, I’ll give her that, and a stubbornness that won’t let her give up, so she’ll be around for a long while I hope.  Long enough for our roles to be reversed and give us the chance to be the ones to take care of her for a change and hover around her like she did when we were five… But today is not for such sad thoughts, there will be time enough for that on Monday, for today is Sunday, and I plan on having a perfect day.

I’ve also decided I will be strong and see how long I can go without eating that Ferrero Rocher living in my fruit bowl, one week and counting so far.  I don’t feel like walking to the gym today, but that doesn’t mean I’m skipping on my workout.

On Today’s Menu:

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Push-ups
  • Crunches
  • Power Knees

Reps:  25

Sets:  IIII

Side Effects:  #Guilt-Free Sunday

Pros:  #Done! #RubySlippers was right, I’ve got this!

Cons:  #Can’t think of any right now

Post-Workout:  #Eat a cookie

Note to YOU:  What will you do to make your life better today?

My Challenge to YOU:

Pick one (or two or all four) of the items on my menu of the day, and see how many you can do in a minute… I dare you!  Just do it!  Your heart, lungs and the rest of your body will thank you!

If you can’t do any of them, then that’s o.k, try a plank see how long you can hold it.  Try it again every day for a week, you’ll surprise yourself each day with how much better you get at it.

Last Thoughts:  Remember “Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes” so get off your chair and change!


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