Don’t be Otis!

It’s cold and rainy, rather gloomy really, not quite spring nor winter, it’s more like spingter, and I don’t like it!  I could take the bus to the gym, it’s like two stops away, but that would defeat the purpose of living down the street from the gym.  I’ve braved snow storms to get there before, but there’s something about having to carry an umbrella that I just don’t like.  Well, that and the fact that I always seem to lose them, which sucks when you’re heading out and it’s just pouring down.  The truth of the matter is that I can’t seem to find a reason to leave my home right now, but excuses, those I have plenty!  I’ve considered calling it a day off from the gym, but I know I’ll need those this week-end so that option is off the table for today.  Oh, if only I lived in Philly right now, even in this weather I’d be out at The Walking Dead Escape obstacle course, now that would get me out the door in no time.  Alas, I’m nowhere near Philly or San Diego for that matter, so I must dig deep, stop over-thinking, and just go already…Why, why, why, why can’t it just be summer?

walkingdeadtrainingMotivation it seems is like people’s morning coffee, there’s always some somewhere, but you either have to make it yourself or go out and find some.  So right now, as I look out the window at the empty streets of my quiet suburban neighborhood, I realize it’s a good thing we are on a break from watching The Walking Dead, because I’m starting to see an eerie resemblance to Woodbury…Speaking of zombie apocalypses, I really think it would be a good idea to be fit by the time it happens because there seems to be a lot of running and jumping fences involved in escaping walkers… So, with that in mind, it’s time for me to get my gym stuff ready and head out, because when the time comes, I for sure don’t want to be Otis!

Today’s Game Plan:

§  Drink plenty of water

§  Rowing 500m x 4 intervals

§  Stairs x 7 rounds (1 flight up & down = 1 round)

§  Run 1 or 2 miles for time

§  Change workout shirt

§  Go to Zumba class

Note to Self:

  1. Don’t forget your music
  2. Remind yourself why you are doing all this
  3. Put down those cookies, it’s not Sunday yet!
  4. Don’t quit!
  5. Just do it!

Note to You:

We all struggle at times, but the difference between those who get results and those who fail, is that those who make it never, ever quit!  So don’t give up on yourself, just keep at it, power through temptation, bad days, and the burn of each workout, you’ll eventually get there one pound at a time!  As RubySlippers would say “You’ve got this!”


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