Iced it!

If you’ve been following along you know that my last training session totally pushed me beyond what I thought my body could actually do.  Today I feel a little haggard, some of it from last time, and the other part from all the time I spent on the ice, literally ON the ice.  For some reason my skates, my mind and the rest of my body were just totally out of synch today.  I’m starting to think that it may be time to get rid of that darn pick, who’s just asking to be traded in for hockey skates!  Everything including my ego is a little bruised from all the falling which is definitely not the way you want to ice your sore muscles.  Now it’s off to training with RubySlippers, and my jaded muscles can already feel all the fun that awaits me.icebearfall

Sure enough it’s circuit day today, the gist of today’s menu makes me think of CrossFit.  If you’re familiar with CrossFit you’ll know that their WODs (Work Out of the Day) all have girl names like Fran or Kelly and so forth.  If you don’t know much about CrossFit and are tired of your same gym routine, then you should look it up, it might just be the way for you to kick your body into shape!  Just to give you an idea here’s what “Fran” would look like:

Thruster (95 lbs)
21-15-9 reps

Or if you prefer “Kelly”:

Run 400 meters
30 box jump (24 inch box)
30 Wall ball shots (20 pound ball)
5 rounds for time

madhatterAny CrossFit girl you chose to tango with will make you wish you hadn’t danced.  My point with all this CrossFit talk is that all these WOD “girls” and RubySlippers have one thing in common…they’re craycray!!!  Yet we all keep coming back for more.  So who is the maddest hatter of them all?

On Today’s Menu:

  • RubySlippers Circuit of 7’s (7 exercises, 7 reps each, as many sets as time or my body will allow)

Rounds Completed: IIII   Legit!

Favorite words of the day: #ok take a break (if I lie down I may or may not get back up) #May the odds be in your favor! #You’re a machine! #Haha! Where’s the machine now? #Poor baybee! Push it up, push it! #Last one!

Side Effects:  #If sweat=fat crying, then today it cried like a little girl! #dying yet smiling, might need to get brain checked #Endorphins might be through the roof right now #RubySlippers asks if I’m ok, I seem to be smiling? #I ask if she knows why I picked her to be my trainer… #<3 my crazy trainer!

Pros:  #stairs and burpees= Done and Done! #The Walking Dead alternate survival skills and not wanting to be walker bait discussed (totally normal right?) #Could Costco be a viable stronghold? #RubbySlippers’ WOD/training for Zombie Apocalypse #post-workout reminder of Monday’s Chiseled classphoto(33)

Cons:  #Cons are for those who don’t train hard!

Note to self:  Eat Guilt-Free Birthday cake, because this time I’ve earned it!

Post-Workout:  Rowing sprints, Ben-Hur style!benhurrowing

Note 2U:

If you haven’t started yet, then don’t wait get off your chair and start today!  If you’ve already started and are struggling, that’s ok.  Power through it, think of how much stronger you are than when you started, don’t ever quit!  Remind yourself that you are doing this for you, you are working on you!  Everyone you love will benefit from a better you, so it’s a win-win situation.  It’s hard, but you’ll keep getting stronger, so don’t give up on yourself!  Like RubySlippers says: “You’ve got this!”

300Last Thoughts:  Bazooka gum type thought… Question: What would you get if you mixed RubySlippers and CrossFit?

Answer:  Dante’s 10th circle of Hell workout or 300 it’s a toss-up really.


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