A:10 – MS:0

It’s finally Sunday, my favorite day!  This Sunday is extra special because not only do I get a sinfully D-lish Starbucks cookie but I also get to be a part of my friend A’s 10th walk against MS.  I have been away from home for a very long time, and now that I’m back, there’s no other place that I would rather be than here walking alongside one of my oldest and dearest friends.  A & I have known each other longer than we haven’t, and that’s a long time, an eternity if we were to count it in dog years!  Truth be told she is by far the nicest and kindest person I know, and that’s why I treasure her friendship.  I also secretly believe that as a bonus her superhuman-niceness balances out my sarcasm and at times medium-badness 😉cookiefriend

My friend A is an amazing human being, for as long as I have known her she has never been afraid to be herself. She lives her faith, and perhaps is one of the few people I know who walks the talk.  I’ve never known her to be anything but kind, understanding and full of hope, and her MS diagnosis hasn’t changed that which to me is very admirable.  Unlike those of us who are privileged to take part in her walk once a year, A walks against MS every day.  I often forget that she even has MS, because she is too busy living life and kicking MS’s ass every darn day, and that in my book is super-hero stuff!  She works, she takes care of her mischievous cat, she’s out and about, she makes time to hang out, to go to church and once a week she leads and inspires her little group of Sparks because after all these years she is still the quintessential Girl Guide.  A, seriously, I don’t know why you’re not an action figure yet or a Nike inspirational quote, because you’re pretty darn awesome dude!!!


Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that strikes the central nervous system. In doing so it affects the brain and spinal cord which control the movements and functions of the entire body.  MS breaks down the myelin (insulating matter surrounding the nerves) and replaces it with scar tissue.  This in turn impairs functions such as vision, coordination and strength in the rest of the body.  In a nutshell, MS truly is an unpredictable neurological disease with symptoms and signs that appear and disappear as quickly and mysteriously as the vanishing isles.  MS is like living with an invisible stranger who is constantly lurking and waiting for an opportunity to trip you up and wreak havoc on your day, and I wish there was more I could do so that my wonderful friend and thousands like her could kick MS to the curb.

So today I proudly lace up my Nikes and walk against MS with A, hoping that each step we take raises awareness and money to support the last mile of the MS research marathon.  I’m sure that like us, there are many out there who pray and hope that with a stroke of luck or divine intervention someone will finally find the missing piece of the MS cure puzzle.  We won’t give up, and we could use your help.  Please spread the word, pray, help us raise awareness, if you can then also donate generously and more importantly be kind to others; a random act of kindness can go a long way, it can ripple into a tidal wave of kindness…and this world is in dire need of it.coldsad

If you’d like to know more about MS and how you can help or donate please visit the MS Society website http://mssociety.ca

Note 2U:

Count your blessings, let the people who are important in your life know you love them, be kind to others, and live life fully!  You have the power within you to change your life for the better, to be the best that you can be, so seize the opportunity today, hold on to your goals and dreams and never ever give up on yourself!


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