Charlie did you bonk?

Months ago my friend finally convinced me to try out our current gym.  I started out with a Zumba class and really enjoyed it so I took the plunge and joined.  This whole journey has been a slow process and to this day is really a work in progress, but I can honestly say that I’m glad I finally got started!  I’m not going to lie, initially just the thought of going to the gym was dreadful, but we managed to keep each other accountable at least three times a week for Zumba, and before we knew it we were actually hooked and looking forward to Diana’s one hour dance party.

After a while we started trying other classes like yoga and pilates, and also dying in other classes like boot camp and interval box which we were not prepared for but were brave enough to attempt…Now that we are quite a few pounds lighter and stronger, we still die at interval box courtesy of an insane instructor, but we do it together, we push each other to make it through the class and once the music stops and we’re pushing the bags back to the side or struggling to get off the mat, we share that awesome feeling that comes with knowing that you’ve accomplished something you never knew you could.

Our bodies, our mindset and our whole outlook on getting fit has changed since we first started, but the one thing that remains solid and constant I think is our mutual encouragement which has helped get us this far.  It makes me realize that no matter how hard the path you’re on might be, it’s always a little easier when you’ve got a friend along with you.  I know my friend feels the same way, and since she has now picked up outdoor running, she has taken this buddy system to the next level, and now poor Sir Charles (Charlie for his friends) has been drafted to her running world…

Keep in mind that we’ve been on this fitness road for months, and Charlie, well not so much.  He’s used to lounging around most days, and maybe one or two twenty minute walks a day, but nothing too vigorous.  He is rather outdoorsy and will never say no to a hike or maybe even a run in the woods, but as far as daily runs, then he’s not really into that sort of thing.

photo(26)Unfortunately for Sir Charles, my friend is a force to be reckoned with once she sets her mind to get something done.  And since Charlie is carrying a few extra pounds from the long winter months, well he’s really got very little say in the matter.  So, let me introduce you to Charlie the very handsome golden doodle who is now also on the go fitness train.  Run Charlie, run!!!

As you can see, Charlie is a big boy, and from time to time he decides he’s done running so that usually means that there’s no budging him when he takes his rest breaks.  At first the main concern was that he was just too tired to keep going and for a moment we thought that perhaps it might just be a little too much for him.  Unlike humans, Charlie’s extra pounds just mean there’s more of him to love and he’s already so cute!

However, like humans, overweight pups are also at higher risk of developing illness and shortening their lifespan, and since we all want him to be around for a long time, then we’ll just have to avoid being fooled by those big puppy eyes of his.  Because, as my friend soon found out, Mr. I’m too tired I’m just going to lie here under this tree, took off full sprint ahead the minute he saw a squirrel! So the I’m exhausted just rub my belly act was just him wanting more attention.IMG_7401

Needless to say that after that speed display from Charlie, my friend’s new concern is that once he gets use to the runs and gets stronger and faster, she’ll be the one begging for rest breaks under a tree.

Note 2U:

IMG_4881If your pet is carrying some extra pounds, remember that no matter how cute he/she looks, it is still unhealthy.  So if you love your pet, make sure you ration those extra treats, and don’t over-feed them.  I know how powerful those puppy eyes can be, and it’s so easy to be guilt-tripped by them, but it’s for their own good.  Take your pet out for regular walks, and make time for play time with them to keep you and them active.  Being a pet’s human is a lifelong responsibility, they depend on you entirely and as such you should lead by example, make your health and that of your little fur baby a priority.  Their heart, joints, bones, and all their furby self will thank you for it!

Final Thoughts:

I started this blog a few weeks ago to keep myself motivated, and in the hopes that perhaps by sharing my struggles with my day to day trek in fitness world I could motivate someone out there to decide to make a positive change in their life.  I realize that not everyone is as lucky as I am to be surrounded by such an incredibly supportive group of family and friends and as such I’d like to share some of that overwhelming support with you through my posts.

If you are thinking of making a change for better, then don’t think just do it!  If you’re struggling with the changes and your workouts, I know what that’s like, but don’t quit ever!  You can do this, the beginning is always the hardest part, but you’ll get stronger trust me I know.  Don’t get discouraged by the numbers on a scale, instead focus on training hard for at least twelve weeks, after that your loose pants and shirts will be the judge of your progress.  If people make fun of you or try to discourage you, just ignore them, you don’t have time to listen to the negative because you are doing this for you and it will take time and hard work, but there will come a day when you’ll look so fine that nobody will be able to rain on your parade!

You are not alone in this, we may not know each other, but we’re on the same team.  I know the struggle, I feel the burn each time I train hard and I’ve learned to embrace it and so will you.  I am determined to be better, because I am convinced that I deserve better, and so do you, so don’t underestimate yourself, don’t give up!  Just suck it up and power through it!  As my trainer RubySlippers would say “You’ve got this!!!”


3 thoughts on “Charlie did you bonk?

  1. LOVE IT. Lol I may be biased bc Charlie is my fur baby. But so true! What a great journey its been 🙂 🙂 Cya @ Zumba!!

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