Mother’s Day

It’s finally Sunday, my favorite day!  It’s also mother’s day and for the first time in a long time I get to spend it with my mom, so all in all I have a good day ahead of me! The plan for this afternoon is a nice family meal, and I suspect that there will be some dessert involved.  It’s not easy for an incorrigible cookie fiend to forgo a Sunday cookie, but I’ll have to if I want to have my cake and eat it too!  Nom, nom, nom, I can almost taste the happiness of it all 😉

Because being the only daughter makes me the favorite daughter right?

Because being the only daughter makes me the favorite daughter right?

The afternoon is so far away, and so is that slice of cake *sigh*.  Since it’s my rest day I had planned to rot in bed until late, however, I was drafted by my mother to partake in some early gardening.  I wish I could say I was looking forward to it, but alas I am all thumbs when it comes to this and none of them are green.  Unlike my mother who is Mrs. ‘Green Thumbs’, angler extraordinaire and an amazing cook, I am useless in all three disciplines and am rather content with my predicament.  Being the eternal optimist that she is, she refuses to give up on me and is on a mission to hone my non-existing skills in all three disciplines.

Since it is mother’s day I’ve decided to humor her, and am all set for gardening, well no not really I’m just up and on time, but that will have to do.  Although now that I have a look around the yard I can’t help but wonder if we’re gearing up for gardening or Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness 101…I’m starting to think that I need to cut back on The Walking Dead, but my mom has recently caught the zombie bug, and since she won’t watch them alone I am re-watching season two with her so she can catch up.

Bring it Zombies!

Bring it Zombies!

For the time being I see pots, and plants and some lifting and squats in my near future courtesy of drill sergeant Mrs. ‘Green Thumbs’ a.k.a. mom.  So much for my rest day, but today is all about her so if it makes her happy, then it’ll all be worth it…because we all know that if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

Last thoughts:

I spent the better part of my twenties exploring the world away from home, and was fortunate to be able to count with my mom’s unwavering support throughout my entire trek to self-discovery.  During my long adventure away from home I was also blessed with many adoptive moms along the way who loved and encouraged me to stay the course and make my own momma proud by being strong enough to stand on my own two feet.  So today I honor my mother and all the wonderful mothers I have the privilege of knowing because motherhood doesn’t come with a manual, but in my book they’ve either done or are doing a pretty darn good job of it!motherNote 2U:

Sometime life gets in the way but today make time to let your mom know you love her!

If your mom is no longer with you then remember her smile, and have a wonderful mother’s day in her honor, she would want you to be happy!

If your own mom was crappy but you were blessed with an adoptive mom or mother figure, then let this wonderful ‘mom2’ know that you love her and appreciate her, you may not see her wings but if you feel her love then she is an angel in disguise!

If you had a bad mother, don’t dwell on it, it’s not your fault!  Just because she is or was bad doesn’t mean you are, sometimes the apple does fall far from the tree, and hopefully you did too.  Learn from her mistakes, be kind, be everything you wish she had been. Count your blessings, love yourself and those around you, and choose to be happy because at the end of the day, that miserable woman who gave birth to you and didn’t love and appreciate you missed out on having a wonderful human being in her life, she missed out on you, so it’s her loss not yours.

Well that’s my two cents for today, my mom has just cut a delish slice of cake with my name on it and I mustn’t keep it waiting 😉  So have an awesome day, because that truly is the best kind of day!


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