These Hips Don’t Lie!

After a great week-end of hanging out with old friends, sightseeing, great food and reminiscing with Wreck-it Ralph, it’s not easy getting back to town or to the gym.  However, I’ve stuck with it so far, and we’re past the halfway mark, so there’s no turning back now, but maybe I can delay the torture for a few hours.  So I text RubySlippers to see if we can meet a little later since I get back to town early today, and we push our session back by a few hours, just enough for me to ease into reality once more.Wreck-It2

I’m not going to lie, I’ve pretty much eaten everything I wanted this weekend, from the huge meals at Medieval Times and Chinatown to the sinfully delish cookies from a few Starbucks we pit-stopped to ask directions…awww it all tasted like happy and now it’s time to pay the piper!  In my defense, I’ve lost 1/2 pound because we pretty much walked everywhere, and since we trusted the maps on my iPhone for directions, we walked more than we should have!  So either the universe was conspiring with RubySlippers to keep me moving all weekend or these maps suck, but either way I’d like to believe that most of those calories have long since been burned.

As I walk to the gym, I keep reminding myself to keep my little eating escapade to myself, but I have a feeling that these hips don’t lie!hipspinguAfter a light stretch and warm-up I make my way to the trainer’s counter to meet RubySlippers, who shows up smiling smugly today because she says I can’t accuse her of being unprepared/pen-less for sign-in time today.  She scribbles down the date on our training log, and hands me a pink marker/highlighter.  So as I laugh and ask if she would like me to highlight something for her, she looks at me and tries to keep her all business look, then grins and says “Oh, I’m sorry, how hard did you want your workout again?”

On Today’s Menu:

  • RubySlippers says 10s!

 Circuit:  10 bodyweight exercises (e.g. burpees and jump chin-ups) x 10 reps each

Rounds Completed: IIII

Favorite words of the day: #Last one!  #May the odds be in your favor! #You don’t know me!

Side Effects:  #Arms, are you there? #Arms are “Here comes the Boom”dead!

Pros:  #Workout Tee is soaked in sweat…gross but good #workout pants are loose #The Walking Dead- Someone needs to take Rick’s phone away, and get Carl a cookie, man that kid has gone off the deep end! #RubySlippers re-enacting fancy ice stops #Yeah I play hockey! *cough*show-off *cough* 😛

Cons:  #Too exhausted to think of any!

Post-Workout:  Bicycle sprints, because I hate them, but my arms are not responding anymore so I can’t row, and after that circuit I don’t trust my legs to keep me upright on the treadmill.

Note to self:  No more cookies or cupcakes till Sunday! Unless it’s with Keanu, then I’d have to have a cupcake…because it’s Keanu, and everyone knows calories don’t count in The Matrix, right?CupcakeKeanuLast Thoughts:  I want a puppy and it’s all RubySlippers’ fault!  Why does her puppy have to be so darn cute!  We should find a way to bring him to our training sessions, but I suspect that if I get a hold of him I may not want to give him back 🙂

My Challenge to you:

By now it’s no secret that I battle with food.  I love cookies and a number of other sugar-coma inducing treats, and it’s hard to walk away from them when I have them within arms’ reach.  However, I find that if I don’t buy them then when I get post-workout munchies I’m forced to eat healthier stuff that’s already in the fridge or cupboards.  So think of an unhealthy snack that you usually keep in stock at home, and challenge yourself not to buy it anymore.  Try it for a week, then repeat and add another unhealthy item to your ‘do not buy’ list, until you’ve made your home a safe zone, where cravings are fed with greener snacks.

cupcakedietLike RubySlippers says:  “It’s all about nutrition!  You can train hard, but if you have a poor diet then you’ll have poor results, it’s all about what you want!  If you want to look like a cupcake, then eat a cupcake!”


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