The Iron Will Alternative

Sinfully D-Lish!


After watching Iron Man3 twice, I found myself with a movie size bag of my fave peanut M&Ms.  Being the quintessential Cookie Fiend that I am, I know that I could easily sit down and make those peanut M&Ms disappear in one five minute sitting.  However, after feeling slightly guilty for gulping down those huge drinks from the collector’s cups…well lets just say that I didn’t want to push it with all that added chocolate.  I’ve done it before and usually feel pretty sick about it, so meh, thought I’d skip the tummy ache today.

Now the real challenge was figuring out a way to keep myself from eating that full bag of M&Ms all at once  tomorrow or the next day or the next.  Lucky for me the answer was staring right at me on my desk where I now keep my go to craving snack of almonds and raisins.  I know that some people frown upon raisins, but I like them and I find that they taste well with almonds and usually keep me from eating candy or cookies, and also I only eat a hand-full at most in any given day, whereas if I were to reach for cookies…well I’m not sure I’d stop at a hand-full.

So, I took my bag of M&Ms and reluctantly dumped them in with my almonds and raisins, and now I have a super colorful and mega yummy snack mix!  I know it’s not the ‘healthiest’ of snacks and probably has a high glycemic index, but I also know that I was going to eat that whole bag of M&Ms so this way, it’s the lesser of both evils and calories are spread over the next two weeks instead of five minutes.

I know how easy it is to struggle with cravings and falling of the wagon is definitely no fun.  Lately it seems that the more I workout, the hungrier I get, and to keep my cravings in check I have to find alternatives and compromises that I can live with.  Since I don’t have an iron will, this mix idea to stop myself from the instant gratification of M&M overload, although it might not seem like it, is really a big deal for me.  Not only have I avoided eating 3/4 of my daily calories in one sitting, but I’m also happy that I won’t have to deal with the side-dish of self-loathing that usually follows a chocolate binge, so all in all it’s a good day!  Slowly but surely I know that I will eventually wean off most sugars…well, except for maybe that one guilt-free Starbucks Sunday cookie 😉


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