skatingToday I feel like I’m in slow motion, and running late for everything.  Well, not technically late, but I usually like to be at least 5-10 minutes early to things, and today my watch is just moving way too fast.  I manage to make it on the ice just before my ice coach arrives, and of course I have to get right off the ice because my right skate laces are all loose.  I’m a little frazzled to say the least, but once I get the laces done up right, and start back on the ice, things begin to look up.  No falls to report, the evil pick is behaving, and so although I have been contemplating hockey lately, I think that for now, the figure skates will live to skate another season.  I hurriedly pack up my gear and head out to the gym to meet RubySlippers.

lateclock1Since I’m running late I resort to warming-up in the hallway and up the stairs on my way to the trainer’s counter.  Then right on time, RubySlippers makes her entrance, the ceremonial pen search begins, and judging is not recommended unless one wants a deadlier training session.  As I sign-in I feel a little sense of pride that I have made it this far, six weeks, DONE!

As with any roller-coaster, there have been ups and very steep downs, but through it all, my body has gotten stronger.  Most importantly, I no longer dread coming into the gym, I actually look forward to my training sessions, and even my alone workouts don’t feel like extra homework anymore.  For the first time in a long time, I think I’ve finally picked-up a healthy and productive habit.  A big part of it stems from the fact that I made a decision to change and am making a conscious effort to follow through with it, and I also lucked-out with a trainer who is not afraid to “tell it like it is”.  RubySlippers doesn’t sugarcoat things for me, and although sometimes she tells me things I don’t like hearing, I respect her for it and find her honesty rather refreshing.  It also helps that she is well versed in sarcasm and thus proves a worthy opponent when it comes to matching wits.

movingboxThese past two years have been full of ‘life changing events’ and I’ve had to make some difficult choices and changes.  I don’t regret them, because I know I’ve done the right thing, and because as I transition into this realm of adulthood, I realize more and more the importance of family and being there when the people who matter most need you.  However, sometimes you get so caught up in doing what is right for others that at some point you lose of bit or all of yourself along the way.

I think those who know me well recognized it, and although they at times hinted to it, they never really came out and said it out loud which made it easy to ignore.  My wonderful brother, however, unceremoniously did, and also handed me his idea of a ten week intervention.intervention

Unfortunately his plan was not elaborate enough to include Jillian Michaels training me, but it has worked out pretty well so far.  I honestly can’t thank him enough for it, because in giving me these personal training sessions, he also gave me a new lease on life…and not to mention a new trainer/friend/shrink/ass-kicker/spoiler of The Walking Dead, who could probably give Jillian a good run for her money!

On Today’s Menu:

  • RubySlippers says 300s + 8.10 version!

 Circuit:  300m Row + 8 exercises (e.g. Deadlifts, swings) x 10 reps each rounds for time 

Rounds Completed: IIII

Favorite words of the day: #Last one!  #May the odds be in your favor! (So appropriate considering I’ve been playing hunger games for 6 weeks now) #300m takes forever when we’re short, row faster! #You don’t know me! #Hold on, you can swing with this heavier plate now, here, grab on tight, you’re welcome!

Side Effects:  #Arms, are you there? #Arms are R.I.P… but one day will be RIPPED!

Pros:  #Workout Tee is soaked in sweat…gross trend going on #workout pants are looser and falling #The Walking Dead- Michonne and Merle interactions are priceless!  #Good idea keeping fit during Zombie Apocalypse #RubySlippers is getting better at not blurting out spoilers #Now she is watching The Following, and Real uhm…oh yeah I almost forgot that other one is a ‘secret’ guilty pleasure show, my bad! #RubySlippers says Kevin Bacon looks like he could use a cookie

Cons:  #None!

Post-Workout:  Running sprints because I’ve rowed far enough for today

Note to self:  Forget Kevin Bacon, I need a cookie!

Last Thoughts:  Since there has been plenty of puppy talk throughout our sessions, I think I associate training with cute puppy thoughts…Could it be that I have been re-conditioned or brained washed??? I guess Pavlov was onto something.

My Challenge to you:

Make yourself an upbeat playlist with some of your favorite songs.  No, Lana Del Rey may not be on your playlist, I would also like to ban Justin Bieber and those One Direction guys but if you must, then you can have their tunes but no Lana @ workouts.  Now throw on your sneakers and crank up those tunes and get moving!  Walk, run, jump, swim, zumba, crunch, lift, plank, squat, pick one or all, and decide to change.  Once you make that decision and commit to change, nobody will be able to stop you.  You are stronger than you think, and you deserve better, so don’t be afraid to work hard for it!  It won’t be easy, it won’t happen overnight, there’s no pill for it, but if you train hard and refuse to quit, you’ll get there one pound at a time!

Like RubySlippers says:  “You’ve got this!”


2 thoughts on “Intervention

    • Thank you for your lovely comment! The beginning is always the toughest part, but you’re right, at the end of the day the hardest decisions turn out to be the best ones.

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