May 2-4: A Weekend of Anglers, Caddies & Trekkies

bbqIt’s been an interesting week so far, and I must say that the May 2-4 weekend looks very promising!  The BBQ is officially out now so grilling and of course fishing season are both open as well.  I’m thrilled about all the deliciousness that will start going on the grill, not so much about the fishing because unlike my mother and brother I don’t have the temperament of an angler.  I do at times tag along on their fishing trips, but only because I miss spending time with them, going in the water, and of course lounging around in the sun, but when it comes to baits, and the actual ‘art’ of fishing…well not so much.

I’m really good at eating the fish though, and since it’s no secret that I can’t fish or cook, I still pull my own weight by doing the dishes.  It also goes without saying that my mom designates me as her official caddie which of course comes with buckets load of fun!  Really, who doesn’t like carrying around worms, minnows, her 3 fishing rods and assortment of lures, hooks and whatever else fits into her magic fishing tackle box?  Seriously the stuff that comes out of that box, sometimes I swear my mom is like the Mary Poppins of Anglers!  Going fishing is a pain, but it’s worth it because when she’s out there fishing, I get a glimpse of that strong woman I grew-up with and miss so much.  Out there on the water with her fishing-mode-on she comes alive, she is unstoppable, fearless, timeless…gonefishingOf course then she breaks the magic and turns into master drill sergeant giving orders to her cadet (yup, that would be me), because the fish wait for no one!  So between carrying her stuff around, and helping her reel in her catch, a day out fishing is usually a pretty intense workout.  If it were up to me I would need a day or ten off just to recover, alas the next morning is a really early one because as she likes to remind us non-fisher folk, the early bird gets the worm, and that worm is gonna catch your momma some fish!  Whatever happened to that old saying “Hey guys, let’s just go to Red Lobster”???

bbqtrek2So this long weekend there will be plenty to keep me busy, and I doubt that we’ll be making it into Red Lobster anytime soon *sigh* none of their yummy mouth watering biscuits for me.  However, it won’t be all work, and workout, It will also be my Amazing friend A’s Bday Yay!!!  So there will be some sugar involved, the Cookie Fiend in me can almost taste the happiness of it all haha!  Oh, and I almost forgot, it’s a Trekkie birthday so we’ll be nerding it out @Star Trek Into Darkness!  “Because Vulcans never bluff”.

Final Thoughts:

Live today, love today, because you don’t know if you’ll get a new tomorrow! Make sure you make time for the important people in your life… I know how easy it is to get caught up in your own life, but you can always make time for you and for them.  Reply to emails, letters, text, Facebook messages, Twitter and whatever other way you have of keeping in touch, because friendships are about more than just ‘following’ tweets or accepting a ‘friend’ request, so nurture them…you never know how beautiful they might bloom over time.

My Challenge 2U:

  • Choose to be happy!
  • Be kind to yourself and others
  • Have fun this week-end!
  • Go for a walk, or a run or ride your bike just for the fun of it!
  • Make one healthy choice each day
  • Stop being idle and get moving!
  • Don’t doubt yourself, you’re stronger than you know, and if you’re willing to put in the work, you’ll get stronger than you ever thought possible.  It’s like RubySlippers says:  “You’ve got this!!!”

Well, that’s all for me today, now it’s time to get ready for some fun @Zumba!  So until next time…”Live Long & Prosper”


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