iPhone iLuv U!

This morning I was once again reminded of how wonderful it is to have technology at your fingertips.  I don’t care what people say about Apple products; I love them!  I was slow to jump on the iPhone bandwagon, I should have been as slow to jump on the wedge sneakers trend as well, but Steve Madden makes them so darn cute that I couldn’t help myself!  However, when I got back from the brave new world, my family gave me the gift of Apple, my now inseparable iPhone with 32gb for music, documenting and planning life, and now for blogging as well.  I often wonder how I survived without it for so long, but before I go all Gollum on you and start calling it “my precious…” let me get back to the point of my post today, ah yes, friendship.mountain2

Years ago after graduation, I set out to discover my purpose in this world, and that quest led me to live on a little mountain in the middle of nowhere for some time, and let’s just say that when you take a leap of faith and venture into the unknown you come to understand the value of little things in life.  For me it was a humbling and life changing experience, but I’m not going to lie, it was hard being away from the people I love and so totally out of my comfort zone.  As time passed, I met all sorts of people and among them made some amazing friends who made my trek through Neverland memorable.Photo0068

Never had I ever had to look for a tree branch or climb a boulder big enough to hang my cell phone on in an attempt to get a signal, nor had I ever balanced a laptop and a wireless router above my head just to try to open my email. The latter task is not so easy when you have two hyperactive Rottweiler puppies trying to get your attention or sucker you into giving them more treats when the vet said no more.  It is however worth the hassle when you open an email from friends and family and see pictures of their smiling faces or read of their happy news and all the things you’re missing.  Honestly, the warm and fuzzy feeling you get from that when you’re homesick beats the privilege of a hot shower any day of the week.  Oh, and by the way, a hot shower is a HUGE commodity out there, because no matter how hot it is outside, the water is always so cold!  The locals use to tell me that I’d get use to cold showers over there because it’s so hot all the time, but that is like the biggest lie in the world!!! I tried for a bit, and then gave up because I didn’t like the whole turning blue from the ice cold water every morning, and so for the better part of my time there, a significant chunk of my laughable income went to insuring I had some form of warm water whenever possible.

My friends laughed then, and still laugh now when we Facetime and reminisce about the good old days, and how a girl from ‘up north’ couldn’t handle cold showers.  We remember how the weekends couldn’t come soon enough, and by Friday I was packed and ready, waiting for the only transportation down to the nearest town, followed by a three hour bus ride into the city where usually one of my beautiful friends would be waiting for me and my purple backpack.  From there it was meeting up with the UsualS as our little group came to be known and of course planning the weekend adventure.  The beach, the lake, wherever the wind and enough gas money would take us, and then we’d all go back to life and of course I’d journey back to the mountain and my mischievous puppies Duke and Dexter.  For close to a decade the UsualS became my family away from home, they adopted me and so now that I am home with my family, they remain my family away from home.DSCF1307

On my last day there before coming home, my friend H told me that whenever he missed his brother who moved all the way across the world to Italy, he would just email him and pretend he was just away at school in the next city, and so that whenever I missed them I should just pretend I was back in the mountain and look for a signal to keep in touch.  Although it’s been almost two years since I last saw him and the rest of the UsualS, it doesn’t feel that long, because FaceTime and other apps allow us to bridge the distance and being the nerds that we are, it keeps us hopeful that teleportation will become a reality sometime during our lifetime.

I still miss them though, I miss being part of the ‘UsualS’, I guess I miss having people around who already know me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my old friends from here at home, but things are different now, we’ve all changed a bit and with some it’s easy to just pick-up where we left off years ago, but with others getting re-acquainted is a much bigger challenge.  It’s a little sad at times when you realize that perhaps it’s just not going to work anymore, but it is all part of life and change is sometimes a good thing.  I’ve also made some new friends since I’ve been back, and by some I mean like three, but that’s ok, it’s a work in progress.  It could also be an indication that I should get out more, which my family, friends and even RubySlippers have pointed out to me, some in more subtle ways than others.  Although I know they are all right, the hermit in me still wrestles with the idea, and so just like my foray into fitness, I’m taking it one day at a time.

For now, I’m just content and thankful every day for the wonderful people who are or have been a part of my life because they’ve held my hand across those crazy lawless streets where traffic lights and stop signs mean nothing, they’ve nursed me through the illnesses that befall travellers with weak stomachs, they’ve carried me when my heart or the bones in my leg were broken and my mom couldn’t travel to be there with me, and we’ve laughed and cried of laughter through more adventures than I can count.  So really missing the UsualS is only natural and sets the bar pretty high for new prospective friends. Wow, it just dawned on me why I love Sheldon Cooper so much!  Too bad I’m not a genius, but who knows maybe my mom should get me tested just to be sure hahaha!

Well, I’ve rambled on long enough for today, but it’s great that I can do it without worrying about losing my internet connection.  If you’re still awake and reading, thank you!  If not, then thanks anyway, I hope you come back again.  After all a long post can always be a useful sleeping aid right?  As for me, well I guess for now and for the near future I will continue to love and miss my friends from the same comfort of my home, where I can have as many hot showers as I want, and Wi-Fi is as common as running water, so it’ll be a little easier than in the mountain especially the part about not having to juggle mobile devices whilst climbing a tree.

So to all the people who made my iPhone and FaceTime possible, thank you!  Thank you for creating something that helps me be virtually there for weddings, births, birthdays, graduations and even those awkward and funny chats through baby baths and feeding times, but hopefully never during diaper changing time because if that happens I might just have to ‘lose’ internet connectivity at that point.  I’m sure my new nieces and nephews will love that part of technology, and I can’t wait till they’re old enough and catch the travel bug so that they can come visit and hang out with their crazy but totally awesome globetrotting, mountain loving aunt a.k.a. Me 😉


4 thoughts on “iPhone iLuv U!

  1. your friend “H” could at least follow his advise hahaha, friendship is one of the things we must protect i just read “the Friend of everybody is not a friend” take care and always keep near who wants the best for you and in touch

    • My dear Bernardo, my friend H, is full of great advice but you’re right, he always needs some encouragement to follow through on his own advice hahaha! I can no longer push him as I’m rather far away but perhaps it’s time to tell the family boss of him so that she can take away his toys and interrupt his naps on his days off…maybe that will get him back on track 😉

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