Star Trek Into Darkness & Spock’s Aca-Awesomeness!

spockwinsYesterday was a Trekkie day, and it was nice to see my friend and many familiar faces.  I will admit that although I kept an open mind going to Star Trek into Darkness, the Jedi in me was still not sold on the idea.  However, since Star Trek director JJ Abrahams will be directing the next Star Wars movie, I had to go and see for myself if he’d finally made it over from the dark side.  As a final Jedi mind trick before the movie, I gave A her birthday card, which of course once opened played the Star Wars theme song.  We both laughed when she couldn’t get Star Wars out of her head.  I did also dare her to open the card again right before the start of Star Trek, just to see how the die-hard Trekkies would respond to it.  Alas, weak The Force was with A, open the card she did not…


It’s probably just as well because the theater was packed and I suspect that the pure Trekkies in attendance really outnumbered us half Jedi-Trekkies.  We settled into to our seats, and after what seemed like a million trailers, it finally all began.  Zachary Quinto’s rendition of Spock was mind blowing from beginning to end.  I’m sure that Leonard Nimoy himself is proud of having such a talented actor playing the young Spock.  As for the rest of the movie all I can say is:  Fear not Jedis and Siths of the world, if JJ does as great a job as he did with this Star Trek installment, then there is still hope for Star Wars!


I know that there are many of you out there who haven’t seen the movie yet, so I don’t want to spoil it for you too much.  As such, all I will say is that it was an awesome movie!  If you’re like me and love super heroes and zombies, you’ll also get a kick out of seeing familiar faces from Robocop and Shaun of the Dead.  All in all Star Trek into Darkness exceeded my expectations.  It’s funny, clever, and action packed!  It even has a little Klingon, so you can try not to read the subtitles and see if yours isn’t too rusty 😉



To my friend LC who is a die-hard Trekkie and I know because she had tickets to the IMAX 3D experience on the first day…among other things.  I hope today’s post answers your question as to whether or not I liked the movie.  Just to be sure though, I did not like ST into Darkness… I loved it!     


Final Thoughts:

I can proudly say that I dragged myself out of bed this holiday Monday and made it to the gym for a pre-birthday workout!  I wasn’t planning on doing it, but then I thought about all the sinfully delicious temptations and treat at the movies, and the guilt of it all got me on my way to the gym.  

Since I have little to no will power, movies and birthdays always come with added calories and sugar for me.  However, I made a deal with myself and skipped the guilt-free cookie this Sunday, so that I could enjoy a guilt-free birthday treat in A’s honor.  Also, since there are no ST collector super-sized drink cups, I took that as a sign and bought myself a small drink, and wait for it…I did NOT buy ANY candy, not even those peanut M&Ms I love so much!  I’m patting myself on the back because for an incorrigible Cookie Fiend like me, this is a huge step in the right direction.


Note 2U:

·         Be kind to yourself and others

·         Enjoy life!

·         Be thankful

·         Don’t make excuses! 

·         Make time to train hard!

·         Believe in yourself!

·         The answer is YES! 

·         YES you will fall, you will get back up, you will hurt, you will lift, you will cry, you will curse, you will sweat, you will even bleed, but you will NEVER quit!

·         YES you are worth all this effort!

·         YES you are strong!

·         YES you will get stronger!

·         YES you can do this!

·         YES you’ve got this!




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