What Round Are We On?

icedanceI had a great time on the ice today, two hours of minding my posture, watching my form, shoulders back, chin up, look straight ahead, bend your knees, lift that back leg, hold it there and so forth…yes all sorts of fun stuff.  I keep trying to tell my body to do it all at once, but instead my body goes all baby giraffe on me.  If I were four years old or even five perhaps it would actually look cute, but at this stage of the game it’s just funny looking.  Once my own version of skating is done I take a break to watch the real dancers and jumpers out there on the ice.  Watching them dance, spin, and jump with such ease and gracefulness is one of my favorite parts of the skate session.  Then as usual, the Olympia breaks the magic as it positions itself to resurface the ice.

After skating I quickly packed my gear and made a mental note to take my skates in to have one of the blades adjusted, but then decided perhaps it would be better to leave myself a reminder on my iPhone.  Yes, much better idea since my mind tends to get rather foggy and forgetful after my training sessions, it must be the oxygen deprived brain cells…

This day started out with so much wonderfulness and continued with me missing my bus.  So after a nice long wait I finally boarded the next one and made it to the gym in photo finish time.  The trainer’s counter was packed and RubySlippers was already there rummaging around for her stuff, and probably also looking for a pen.  Since it was a little too loud and crowded for any of our usual banter, we signed in and got down to business!  On our walk down to the women’s only area she asked me if I felt like doing a circuit of 7s or 10s and of course I answered 7’s so RubySlippers said the only logical thing: “oh, ok 10s then, you’re welcome”!

On Today’s Menu:

 Circuit:  10 exercises x 10 reps each, rounds for time (of course burpees, jump chin-ups, squat jumps and dead lifts are all part of the fun)   

Rounds Completed: IIII

Favorite words of the day: #C’mon Girl you’ve got strong legs use them!!!  #Push it!  #Poor baybeeee! #Gurl you’ve got this!  #Are those even real push-ups? #We’re still friends right? (She asks with a smile as I gasp for air and struggle to get back on my feet)

Side Effects:  #Standing up after all that insanity = Pride

Pros:  #Trained harder! #I’ve got this! #The Walking Dead- The Governor has taken MMA to a whole new level in his makeshift arena #Seriously starting to consider getting more PT sessions with RubySlippers once these are done…Stockholmish much?!?

Cons: #NONE!


Bike sprints on indoor cycle bike (spinning bike) which is easier to adjust to accommodate my short legs.  Finally no more old school exercise bikes!

Note to self:

Don’t forget your tunes again because cycling to the gym music is never fun!  Clean out all those gum wrappers in external pocket of gym bag before it starts to look like RubySlippers’ locker minus the collection of pens that is, because then it would just be a mild case of hoarding…just saying.

Last Thoughts:KOLife is unpredictable, full of unexpected twists and sometimes short right hand punches we don’t see coming.  One minute you’re on top of your game and then in a split second you find yourself KO’d Manny Pacquiao style, so do yourself a favor and be happy regardless of where you are in life.  Enjoy the company of the people you love and be thankful for the people who love you and the life you have because out there somewhere there’s someone who wishes they were in your shoes.  Even with all your problems and issues, they’d trade places with you in a heartbeat.

My Challenge to you:

  •  List one thing that makes you awesome
  • Add something new to that list once a day, week or month, then revisit it whenever you forget how great you are
  • Challenge yourself to enjoy your day!
  • Let go of whatever is burdening your heart.
  • Forgive and forget, then move on!  A good friend of mine told me once that the first step towards forgiveness is realizing that the other person is bats#!t crazy, because why else would they want to hurt someone as awesome as you?  I know it’s not always that easy but sometimes it helps mainly because it’s usually true, especially the awesomeness part 😉
  • Change for you.  Love yourself through the process, others will follow.
  • Every new day is a gift so begin and end your day with a smile 🙂

Like RubySlippers says:  “You’ve got this!”


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