The Dwelling Well

DSCF1590As I wondered and wandered one day in search of purpose, I came across a deep dark well. I sat on the edge and rested for a while. As I glanced down, life softly whispered that things could be worst, I could be down there, but instead I was here. Here where there’s still light, where the sun softly kisses my olive skin, where I can stand on my own two feet, where I am free to breathe, love, hope, jump, sing, dance, and per chance shed a little light down to anyone whose journey is still stuck down some deep dark well within them…

So if you’re down there, don’t waste your energy dwelling on the past, it’s done and gone. Save your strength to live today as fully as you can, and to dream and hope that you’ll do even better tomorrow. On your darkest days remember to breathe, close your eyes and dig deep within you for there is strength there. We may not know each other but we are all connected as travelers on this road through life.

If there ever comes a day when all else fails you; know that I am hoping that through one of life’s mysterious ways some of the light from my sunniest day may reach you and lighten whatever burdens your beautiful soul, so that you may rise and bravely face the light of a new day.


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