Where’s The Olive?

A few days ago I was chatting away on FaceTime with two of my favorite people in the world, who for now happen to be in the same place in the world which makes me a little jealous because I want to be there too.  We talked about the randomness of being, and the plans to reunite our little crew for a new island adventure.  Then as if on cue they both frown as they gaze into the camera and say that I should think about leaving the house a little more often in order to get a little sun as I’m beginning to look a little Twilightish but without the glitter.

olive1Wait? What? Pale? Me?  Impossible!  My skin couldn’t possibly lose its permanent natural tan, could it?  No way, olive skin can’t lose its olive can it?  I shrugged it off, and told them that it was easy for them to suggest getting some sun as they sat there in the beautiful yearlong 30+ degree tropical weather I miss so much.  Awww the sun, the sea, the sand how I miss it!

The weather here is so unpredictable and although I thought spring was here to stay, the temperature dips in the last few days has proven me wrong.  It also makes the possibility of lounging around in the sun with shorts and a Tee very unlikely for now.  I’m not complaining though, as we were spared by the snow that fell in a city two hours away.  Still, of late it seems that the mention of my hermit/self-imposed hibernation is a re-occurring theme.  Yet what really worries me is this whitening business.  Is it Karma coming back to bite me for poking fun at RubySlippers’ tanning antics?*sigh* Nah! She messes with my mind all the time and tortures me during training so we’re pretty much even so it can’t be Karma.  I think it’s just a sign that I need a vacation somewhere nice, warm, and sunny.

In the meantime, to appease the growing concern regarding my lack of social life, I decided to go to my friend AG’s birthday bash.  Since AG is also on the healthy train, the table was set with healthy low-cal snack options leaving plenty of room for everyone’s liquid calorie consumption of the night.  I don’t drink, but I find that as the night progresses and everyone else around me does, the party usually gets livelier and funnier as people’s inhibitions fly out the window and some speeches get slurred.  Those who initially shy away from the camera suddenly want to be in every picture.  Then some get loud, some get funny, some get carried away with social media sharing and others start whipping out their Zumba moves on the dance floor.

Oh, and let’s not forget the most adorable loveable part of AG’ parties, Charlie the big fur baby, who is just in heaven either getting love from everyone or busy being a vacuum around anyone with food in their hands.  He dances, he poses for pictures, and makes sure he greets and gives everyone a chance to play at each party, gotta love Charlie!photo(38)

All things considered I had a great time at AG’s bday and here are a few things I now know…

  • It’s not a good idea to put me in charge of party gift opening pictures because I get distracted and always miss the shot with the thank you hugs
  • The best way to steal Charlie’s attention from someone else is to walk by him with food in your hand
  • I can’t keep a straight face while taking someone’s 10th attempt at the perfect Instagram picture while unbeknownst to them they are being hilariously photo-bombed
  • AG & I see each other at the gym regularly but I guess this is the first time since St. Patty’s that we see each other in ‘people clothes’ as opposed to gym clothes
  • ‘People clothes’ can be so flattering, must wear them more often
  • I haven’t seen most of the people here since St. Patty’s and I’m not going to lie it’s great to hear #Wowyou’velostweight #Yourwaistlookssotiny #Youlookreallygood #Haveyoubeenworkingout?
  • You know you need to get out more and get some sun when your white friends put their arm around your shoulder and say c’mon let’s get #Whitegirlwasted *LOL* #Classy!
  • As I take another sip of the water I’ve been drinking all night in my red Solo cup, I smile at the thought of their mission to get #NotsoOliveSkinGirlWhitegirlwasted
  • Cake and candles walk by me as I keep my distance and remember I have to take a picture of this, but not too close as that’s a lot of fire burning on that chocolate 😉
  • Presents have been opened, cards have been OCD-ishly displayed on the mantle, cake candles have been blown out, breathalyzer gag has beeped and beeped, and now on to the girls’ group picture as the boys can’t be bothered MMA is on in the background on the muted big screen.
  • Two great things about the picture (1) After many takes it is clear that I am not the worst photographer, someone else takes the cake on that one (2) Luv these guys, with them around me #OliveSkinGirlisBack! Yes!

Final Thoughts:

Changes take time, so be patient.  Be kind to yourself, watch the tone of your self-talk voice, it should encourage you not sabotage you.  Remember that you are the one in the captain’s chair, so act accordingly and take charge of your life.  Don’t give up on yourself, keep training hard and give it at least 12 weeks, trust me even if you don’t see the difference, others will!


AG I probably don’t say this often but you’re awesome girl and I’m glad we’re on this crazy health trek together!  Cya @Zumba tonight!

Also, from The Lisas to the photobombers to the brass monkey drinkers, you guys are Da’bomb!  So thanks for being so welcoming and for making me look less Twilightish 😉


8 thoughts on “Where’s The Olive?

  1. Fav post yet!!! LOL what a great night so glad you made it 🙂 you pretty much summed it up perfectly hahaha!! 🙂
    Thanks girl you da bomb too!!

  2. Great submit. I have been reading your blog for some time now. I desired to ask, are you currently at present trying for help with generating posts here? Maybe even a guest author? Make sure you let me know. Kudos.

    • Hi Hilary, thank you for following along my Cookie Fiend journey and for you kind offer. At the moment I basically just blog about randomness that comes to mind and a summary of my personal training sessions, as it helps me stay motivated. I’m new to this so I’m just learning as I go along, but perhaps once I’m further along on this blogging journey we can try a few guest posts, I’ll be sure to let you know 🙂

  3. Hey! Would you mind if I share your blog with my myspace group?
    There’s a lot of people that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Thanks

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