Shred that Fattitude!

Ok so we’re finally on week eight of this 10 week healthier Cookie Fiend intervention and although my muscles are usually sore and I would love to just sleep in every day, I don’t because this is the life of the new me.  Granted I did need that extra push/ kick in the rear to get me off my butt and finally stand up to my own ‘fattitude’, but now that I’m on it I know I can finally kick it to the curb.  If you’re wondering what I mean by ‘fattitude’, well it’s simply that part of you that goes all angry bird when someone comments on your extra weight, or when someone says that perhaps you should workout or not reach for that extra cookie, it’s the crazy part with the defeatist voice that encourages self-loathing when you can no longer fit into your jeans because you’ve eaten way more than you should, if you are or have been overweight you know exactly what I’m talking about, right?

celbrity dmWell, I’m glad to say that at the 4/5 point mark of this journey, the ‘fattitude’ has been KO’d celebrity death match style!  This doesn’t mean that I don’t get all Snickers commercial from time to time when I’m hungry, but it does mean that I’m much happier with myself and have a much better outlook on what the future holds for me.  I’ve already climbed the steepest part of the hill and now I’m down to those last 15 stubborn pounds, which means that I have to step-up my game and cut out a few more things from my diet.  I knew coming into this that it would be challenging, this is the grind, and now I know that the final stretch is going to take a lot more work, but the great thing about all this is that I’m stronger, a few pounds lighter, faster, and more determined than ever before.

So as far as I’m concerned, RubySlippers can bring it!  Because I’ve got this!

 On Today’s Menu:

Circuit:  RubySlippers says Let’s Step It Up!

  • 30 Swings
  • 20 DB Thrusters
  • 20 Burpees
  • 50-30-20 Sit-ups
  • 50-30-20 Push-ups
  • 20 Jump Chin-ups
  • A few more undecipherable scribbles, but you get the gist of her insane torture methods right?

Rounds Completed: II

Favorite words of the day: #May the odds be in your favor! #Don’t look at me like that! #Are you proud of yourself?

Side Effects:  Aside from the pool of sweat and dying, I would say an enormous amount of pride that after all that craziness I can still walk and talk at the same timeekgrunning

Pros:  #Sweat everywhere…gross but I guess it’s working #workout pants falling with each burpee #The Walking Dead- Sprints are essential to post Zombie Apocalypse survival #No, not Merle!  #Someone needs to stop that Governor! #RubySlippers self-proclaimed Da’!  #True Story

Cons:  #NONE!

Post-Workout:  Rowing sprints, where each 500m seems like a lifetime when one has short legs

Note to self:  Get yourself a protein shake, you’ve earned it!  Rocky Road protein powder, banana, ice, and some almond milk…don’t mind if I do 🙂

Last Thoughts:  Life’s tough and this path isn’t easy, but I know it’s worth it!  I still have a long way to go, but that’s ok because I’m stronger, I’ve got a great support system, good music, and cool new pink earphones, so I’ll get there one pound at a time!

My Challenge to you:

Find a calendar and mark down 12 weeks starting today.  Challenge yourself to train hard and mind your calories and cookies for those next 12 weeks.  Challenge yourself not to make excuses and to stay the course.  Do it for you, it’s your life!  The moment you finally decide that this is what is best for you, you’ll stick to it.

You know deep down that you deserve better, and you also know that you are the only one responsible for the shape you’re in, so no more ‘fattitude’, no more wallowing in self-pity, no more lame excuses, just be accountable to yourself and get moving!

I am convinced that if I’ve come this far, then anyone can.  You’re not alone in this, we’re on the same team and I know you can do this!

Like RubySlippers says:  “You’ve got this!!!”


4 thoughts on “Shred that Fattitude!

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