Sweet Sorrow

Life is full of choices so today I finally made a few that were long overdue.  It isn’t easy for a Cookie Fiend to give up sugar.  However, it also isn’t easy going to the gym day after day knowing that what I eat is slowing down my progress.  I’ve come this far up the mountain and I know that at this point I’ll have to start unloading a few things if I really want to make it to the top.

That being said, as of today I’m giving up the deliciousness of Nutella and replacing it with Natural Unsweetened Peanut Butter.  I’m not going to lie, Natural PB will never taste as yummy as Nutella but it’s a much healthier option and definitely will cut out a huge amount of sugar from my day.photo(49)Since I’m feeling a little brave, I’ve decided to also give up some more sugar by switching from my all time favorite syrup to ED Smith no sugar added syrup.  I know it will take some time for me to get use to it, but on the bright side this new syrup has 6g of sugar and 30 calories per 3 tbsp as opposed to the 24g of sugar and 160 calories in 3 tbsp of my previous syrup.photo(50)*sigh* I can’t argue with that math so it just had to be done!  Now I have to brace myself for the potential sugar withdrawal…

Last Thoughts:
Today’s changes were not easy.  Part of me wants to just take them back, but I won’t.  Still Shakespeare’s Juliet said it best:

” Sweet, so would I, Yet I should kill thee with much cherishing. Good night, good night!  Parting is such sweet sorrow…”

My Challenge 2U:                                                                                                                 Read your labels and make one healthy change in your diet today.  Feel free to share your healthy changes and choices here or with your friends and family as it might encourage someone else to follow your lead.


10 thoughts on “Sweet Sorrow

  1. I have done the reading of labels from a long time… i think that is why it always took me so long to make the groceries, and many looked me weird in El Salvador for that…

    • Well, it’s a brave new world out there, and people tend to resist change. I don’t like reading labels on my favorite things because it just reminds me that I shouldn’t be eating them. Alas the time has come to bid farewell to a lot of sugar…

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