The Grind

beachfrontWell, I’m back and it’s back to the grind.  I had been in one place for far too long and it was time to get some sunshine vitamin and a little fuel to keep me going until my next trip which I hope comes sooner rather than later.

The hardest part about coming back to reality is gaining momentum. After the flight and ride home all I wanted to do was sleep, fake sleep and rot on my couch as I caught up with the last episodes of The Voice.  I have to admit I’ve been battling with the repressed guilt of all the calories I’ve consumed over the last couple of days…I have a feeling that I may have over indulged and I know for a fact that I have done as little exercise as possible.  Truth be told I’ve been totally content lounging around on the beach, eating whatever my heart desired and enjoying every last bite of it all.

I’ve yet to step on the scale so at this point I don’t know exactly what the damage is.  My recent adventure has left me with a renewed sense of optimism and as such I hope the change on the scale will not be too drastic *fingers crossed*.  Being on a diet while you are away is not impossible, I did see some people surviving on plates of lettuce and other greens but I’m not going to lie, I was not one of them and have not been counting any calories and we all know by now that watching what I eat is not my strong point.  I did however manage to steer clear of rice (which I don’t like), bread and pastries and instead opted for the deliciousness of seafood, meat, tropical fruit, and yes a daily visit to the ice cream shack on my way to the beach each afternoon.

Aww the beach, the ocean, how I will miss it all.  The Ocean front regardless of it’s geographical location is by far one of my favorite places in the world.  This time it was also a reminder that I should keep trying harder to watch what I eat and of course to keep training hard everyday.  Because although people come in all shapes and sizes and so do speedos and bikinis, I’m still not as brave as many of them.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that some people are brave and confident enough to wear them regardless of their fitness level, but I’m not quite there yet. Still a lot of what I saw out there helped me limit my visit to the ice cream shack to once a day.  It also kept me from ordering a second slice of tiramisu at our goodbye dinner party.  Hopefully it will also help me focus on my new fitness goals in the months to come.

Well that’s all for me today, I’m off to workout on my own totally unsupervised so wish me luck!

On Today’s Menu:

  • Zumba

Post-Workout:  Rowing Sprints (P.S. Rowing is much more fun in the water)

Last Thoughts:  Hoping that muscle memory will kick in shortly

Note to self:  I’ve got this!

My Challenge 2U:

  • Choose to be happy!
  • Choose to love life!
  • Choose to work hard!
  • Choose to improve!
  • Look in the mirror and challenge yourself, because you are your greatest adversary

Note 2U:

Life is unpredictable, and tomorrow is as uncertain as it is unwritten, so stop worrying about it and instead focus on living now fully.  Don’t let vacations, breaks in your workout routine or other life related ripples hinder your progress.  If you fall off the healthy/workout train then get up and jump right back on it!  You’re stronger than you give yourself credit for and like RubySlippers says:  “You’ve got this!” so keep at it!


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