Over the past 10 months I’ve tried a bunch of different classes at the gym with different instructors, and so far I have to say Zumba is still the most fun I have while at the gym.  It may not be the most intense workout, but it’s a great break from my day.  I look forward to it, and it gets me to the gym which is half the battle.zumbatimeWho knew that even with two left feet I’d enjoy it so much!  It also helps that we have an awesome instructor who always has great music and lots of energy!  I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, if you haven’t tried Zumba you’re missing out!  It’s a big party at the gym, and you’ll be surprised that sometimes after a Zumba class you’re so pumped that you’re even willing to stay a little longer and keep working out.

The great thing about Zumba is that it’s for everyone.  Regardless of your weight, shape, size, age, physical limitations you can always Zumba away and modify as you go along.  The idea is to get you moving and to change your whole perception of exercise.  I’ve discovered that once you start looking forward to your time at the gym instead of dreading it, then it’s much easier to stick to your training.  Of course Zumba has a lot to do with this change because lets face it who doesn’t love a good party! So ditch the workout and join the party! Go Zumba!

If you’re already hooked on Zumba then you know I’m right about how much fun it can be once you find the right class and instructor.  If you haven’t tried it, then do it!  Don’t make excuses, if you have health issues or mobility issues let your instructor know before the class.  If you have a great instructor like Diana, she’ll point out some modifications for you and you can follow along at your own pace.  The important thing is to go out there and start moving.  If you’re worried that you’re too heavy or that you have no rhythm, don’t!  First of all Zumba is a great workout so it’ll help you lose that weight that’s holding you back, and second of all half the people there will look just as goofy as you if not more so no worries.  Just dance your heart out like nobody’s watching!Zumba superstarIf you’re a beginner don’t feel bad if you don’t know the moves like the regulars, or if you get lost half way through the songs, you’ll get it eventually just keep showing up to class.  Listen to your body, modify accordingly, and have fun because that’s what Zumba’s all about!  Also bring or drag a friend along to try it with you, it helps get over the initial shyness of the first class.

zumba-placeOh and one last thing,the day you show up to class and get peeved that someone else has taken “your” spot, that’s the day you’ll know you’re hooked on Zumba 😉


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