Naked Makeup

towel2Ok, so I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I think at times there’s a little too much nudity in the locker room.  Is naked makeup, hair drying or talking to your friend with one leg up on the bench while naked really necessary?

I know it’s a gym, and yes we strip to change and shower, and yes applying makeup and moisturizing lotion or sun screen are for the most part a good idea.  But most people can do it with their underwear or a towel on, so why not everyone.  Or at least have the courtesy to keep both legs on the ground and your rear away from people’s faces when you are bending over and changing nearby.  Also it might be a good idea to throw some underwear on before you bend over to moisturize your legs and feet, or for some bizarre reason decide to have a naked pre-shower stretching session by the lockers.  Oh, and if it’s not too much to ask then also limit the use of the hair dryer to the hair on your head, thank you it would be much appreciated.

I usually don’t spend much time at the locker room and when I do I’m usually rather self-absorbed or have my head phones and music to keep me busy as I head to the privacy of the shower, which is probably why I don’t notice a lot of things.  But today I didn’t have this with me and it was unusually crowded with rude naked people.  The funny thing is that our gym has a modesty rule, but I guess that like most other rules don’t seem to apply in the locker room.

towelhomerAlso, the use of cell phones is not permitted in the locker room which is good because most phones now are equipped with cameras and well quite frankly most of us would like our less than perfect nude bodies to stay off social media while we change. Still there are some people who sit down, chat away on their cells sprawled buck-naked on the bench and still give you the evil eye when you politely ask them to move aside so you can get to your locker.

Maybe it was just a weird day, or the fact that I had just worked out with the crappy gym music as I forgot to bring my own, but today all this particularly annoyed me.  But honestly, is it too much to ask to put some underwear on or throw a towel over your ass so it doesn’t come inches away from other people’s faces when you stop to chat with others in the locker room.  Also, I know strong is beautiful and some of you work hard for your bodies to look amazing naked, but guess what, they’ll still look incredible with underwear there’s even a little empire called Victoria Secret built around that theory.

Well, that’s my rant for the day, now I think I need a cookie!  Darn why is Sunday so far away??? *sigh* I guess a Rocky Road protein shake will have to do for now 🙂 But please next time you’re in the locker room at your gym if you’re going to promenade or preen around naked be considerate don’t be that guy or girl who exposes people to more of you than they ever want to see.  Also if you’re going to sit on the bench naked, you might want to towel it up to avoid getting or spreading the germ-fest and fungi that can thrive on those gym surfaces…just saying.


4 thoughts on “Naked Makeup

  1. First the subject of this post is very catchy… second i lived the same in Los Angeles YMCA… i remember the lockers my first time… since the nudity in Latin america is a kind of a tabu… i realize that nudity is common over there… but in men’s lockers the rule is do not watch any other man below the chest… anyways.. it was like those censored movies where sensitive parts are covered by a black strip… but this time was because their bellies… but the experience helped me to accept and feel comfortable with my nudity since then.. i just think is not big deal being naked… just try not to drop the soap in the showers hehe

    • I know what you mean…In the end the problem is not really nudity itself but more so rude nudity. Like people who don’t know the meaning of personal space and those who use the hair dryer for hair in other places and don’t have the courtesy to at least wipe the handle and wash their hands after they “groom” themselves down there.

      As for the soap, well I’m not sure what was going on at that L.A. YMCA but I’d suggest a liquid body wash to keep a better grip on the soap and avoid dropping it LOL! Thankfully we have private shower stalls with curtains and all.

      • private showers… man… a Revolution is going there hahahaaha, i understood the rude nudity, but sometime for us guys, is kind of a mistery what happends in women’s lockers… i found this post very illuminating… the dryer ecene seems taken from a poky’s movie… but still resist a little to believe that can happend… anyways nice post 🙂

      • LOL! Well sorry to ruin the mystery, but aside from crowded days of rude nudity, nothing happens in there. The dryer scene is something I would rather never see again, as nobody should even need a dryer to dry themselves down there. Honestly, if it gets to the point where a towel can’t dry you, then a trim might be in order.

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