Ditch the workout & join the party!

The fun thing about being back home is being able to see people I haven’t seen in forever.  I recently had the chance to catch up with KB whom I hadn’t seen in well over a decade.  When I read my previous sentence on the screen it suddenly made me feel my years, oh well it’s just another number.  I see the years and candles get brighter and brighter on my birthday cakes each year and still wonder when the growing-up part will kick in…jk I don’t wonder, I know it’s probably never going to happen & that’s ok life is much more fun this way!

zumbaparty2So getting back to KB who years ago was part of an amazing group of people who showed me the ropes at the bank when I started working and well lets face it since I was not quite out of my teens yet, I probably knew a whole lot of nothing.  Still they were all for the most part so patient & cool about it and I’m glad Facebook has allowed me to keep in touch with some of the old gang from not so long ago 🙂   So today, I got to return the favor and show her the ropes at Zumba!

KB’s been dreading classes at the gym, and I’ve been raving about how she should try Zumba and ditch the treadmill for a bit.  So finally today she threw caution to the wind and finally ditched the workout to join the Zumba Party!

Being the good sport that I am *laugh* I did warn her that Diana asks about the new people, just to make sure she gives them a few pointers.  As most newbies KB decided to hide at the back of the class and was a little daunted by all the mirrors in the class which make it a little hard to hide.  Halfway through the class I realized that I forgot to tell KB about one thing…How Diana our instructor likes to at times change the class around and thus the back of the class magically become the front hahaha! I’m sure KB would have loved that!

Lucky for her it didn’t happen, but it’s just the first class so there’s plenty of time for it.  KB seemed to loosen up part way through the class as she saw that I wasn’t lying when I said that for the most part we all look a little goofy dancing it out there.  The great thing is that since it’s a collective goofiness then nobody cares and we all just dance it out to great music and the queues from our awesome instructor.

zumbaparty3By the end of the class KB had gotten her sweat & groove on & from what I can tell she’s decided to come back for more.  Well, that is not till next week when it’s her week away from her dog as she shares custody of her pooch.  I’m not going to lie I laughed when she mentioned the shared custody of the fur baby.  But in my defense, she did start the sentence with: “don’t laugh, you might find this funny but I have shared custody of my dog”.  So I laughed, and realized that I might not be big on sharing after a break-up as I would want full custody of any fur baby I might have.  So if you’re like me, then get it in writing when all is warm & fuzzy to avoid being away from your pups if things go sour.

Ok so I’m off topic again, but the important thing is that we’ve got one more person on the Zumba train Yay!!!  Hopefully KB will be back & have way more fun meeting her daily steps goal with Zumba than on that treadmill.  So regardless of your age, shape, size, poundage, or mobility limitations give Zumba a try!  You can modify accordingly and if you get lost along the way just keep moving, dance it off and then come back to the next class you’ll get the hang of it soon enough.

If you’re bored or in a rut with your same old workout routine and just aren’t seeing any changes on the scale, then maybe it’s time to change things up a bit!  Don’t quit just ditch the workout and join the Zumba party!


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