Personal Training…still friends?

The important thing to keep in mind while personal training is that if you get along with your trainer and your personalities mesh well then the whole experience will be much less painful. It also helps if your trainer is able and willing to match wits and/or sarcasm with you 😉

Every training session @ sign-in time

RubySlippers: Hold on I’ve gotta find a pen

Me: Have you checked your binder?

RubySlippers: I don’t keep pens there, people might take them

Me: *looking a little confused while RubySlippers rummages behind the trainer’s counter* So where do you keep them?

RubySlippers: I have like a million of them in my locker

Me:  Hoarding much?

RubySlippers:  How hard did you say you wanted your training to be today?

Me:  JK I take it back, so should we go sign in at your locker then?

RubySlippers:  No, smartass, just wait *rummages around some more* Got it, found one!

My first jumping chin-ups

RubySlippers: I’ll show you *not sure if she was showing me or showing off*

Me: *Staring in disbelief that she thinks I can do this*

RubySlippers: Don’t look at me like I’m cray cray, just jump!

Friendly Banter

RubySlippers:  *Saying something random*

Me:  *Mocking her*

RubySlippers:  Smartass!  Don’t make me come and slap you!

Dead Lifts

Me: *constantly repositioning myself, trying NOT to do them*

RubySlippers: Oh, please, take your time, it’s ok no big deal I’ll just stand here for an hour.  Girl they’re dead lifts, you got the dead part now LIFT!

 Final round jumping chin-ups

Me: *trying to catch my breath and rambling on about something random and while secretly thinking I can’t do any more of these so I’ll talk till we’re out of time…*

RubySlippers:  Um yeah I keep listening to you talk and I don’t see you jumping, jump!

Break Time

Me:  *trying to tell her she’s about to go into The Walking Dead spoiler mode*

RubySlippers: Girl stop interrupting me I’m trying to tell you a story!


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