Personal Training…RubySlippers Says!

There’s never a dull moment around RubySlippers…

After a training session

Me: *gasping for air and covered in sweat*

RubySlippers:  Feel free to stay and do some rowing or running sprints *smiles*

When asked about her cut-off shirts

Me: Do you cut-off the sleeves of all your workout shirts?

RubySlippers: Ya girl, ain’t nobody got time for sleeves!

When asked about Bosu Balls

Me:  Are we going to use those?

RubySlippers: Girl we’re here to train you, ain’t nobody got time for that!

When asked about Inner/Outter Thigh Machine

RubySlippers: No, I can’t let people see me on those machines!  I actually want to keep my job.  But you can do them on your own time…actually no, you’re better off going to your Zumba class

Partner assisted hamstring stretch

We walked by a trainer helping his client with a very intimate looking assisted hamstring stretch and with a concerned look on my face I asked

Me:  Are you going to do those kinds of stretches with me?

RubySlippers:  Not unless you’re planning to buy me dinner first


Me:  *Flailing around on the TRX band*

RubySlippers: What are you doing?  Do you want me to show you again?

Me:  No, I’m just trying to find my balance, and hold on to this thing

RubySlippers:  Oh, good I was worried that you were turning into a muppet.  C’mon don’t embarrass us!

Me:  Why do you make it look so easy???

RubySlippers:  I can’t help it, I’m the!


Me:  *Standing around with dumb bells in each hand while working out on my own*

RubySlippers: *walks by and says* Yeah, um hun remember you’re supposed to squat with those

Un-racked weights:

Random person at the gym doesn’t rack weights back

RubySlippers: Don’t mind me, I’m just picking up after people who can’t put their s#*t away!

Gym Etiquette:

Random person who leaves a pool of sweat on the bench we are going to use

RubySlippers:  Disgusting!  Hold on, let me wipe that down for you, I don’t want you to drown in someone else disgusting sweat!


RubySlippers:  Some stuff makes me so mad!  I hate it when people say I’m pms-ing!  OMG I must be pms-ing but I still hate it when they say it!

Single Unisex bathroom

RubySlippers: Do you know what drives me crazy?

Me: Like more you mean?

RubySlippers: No seriously I mean

Me:  What? Is it me?

RubySlippers: *Laughs* No silly, when you go to that bathroom and are doing your business, then someone turns the doorknob and realizes it’s locked so that means it’s occupied

Me:  Why does that bother you?

RubySlippers:  Well no it’s not that, it’s them knocking on the door!  What am I supposed to say?  I’m peeing but can I help you? *Annoyed*

Me:  You should try it next time

RubySlippers:  Imagine they answer back, I’d lose it!


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