Superman the Man of Steel 2013 Indeed!

“Up in the sky, look: It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Superman!” -The Adventures of Superman

photo(66)Aww Superman!  He brings me such great memories of long ago, when I was little and so eager to learn to read so I could read my dad’s comics on my own.  I remember waking up early to watch his cartoons, and then when my parents found it age appropriate watched Christopher Reeve bring him to life on VHS. Those were the good old days of Superman 🙂

Later on as I outgrew the cartoons, I returned once again to the comics which kept me company through many boring classes over the years.  When I was younger my family moved around a lot and so I changed schools almost every year since kinder garden so it was nice to have Superman along for the ride.  In hindsight I find that Superman and dodgeball always made me new friends everywhere I went.

One of my oldest and dearest friends from high school first started talking to me because as it turns out we both sat at the very back in calculus and usually had a Superman comic stashed in our math binder which we appeared to be studying so intently.  To this day I wonder if our teacher ever suspected or knew all along and just let us get away with it as long as we did our work.  Come to think of it she was a pretty cool french math teacher.

So naturally, since I’m huge fan and love all things Superman, I convinced my friends to make the trek to the movies back in 2006 for the long awaited Superman Returns movie.  We stood out in the infernal Latin American heat for what seemed like forever and eventually made it in on time to see what was the most horrible Superman movie ever!!!

Needless to say I was banned by my group of friends from ever picking a movie night movie again.  Unbelievable, that the story line and acting was worst than Jurassic Park II!  I have to admit after that I took a break from Superman and gravitated to some of my other favorite super heroes, yes, just so we’re clear I’m a huge nerd 🙂

A few years have gone by since the last Superman fiasco, and so my friend LC started raving about how cool it was that Superman would be out soon.  I on the other hand was less than enthusiastic and was honestly considering waiting for it to be out on Blue Ray before watching it.  However, my dad and brother being eternal optimist convinced me to tag along…

We sat at the very back and my dad joked about how glad he was that even if the movie sucked he would now be able to enjoy a full movie without having to worry about making multiple bathroom runs with either of us, like he used to when we were little and drank too much soda throughout the movies.  Then the lights dimmed out and I sat there popcorn & soda-less just waiting for another painful remake of the 2006 Superman franchise travesty.

To my surprise I watched in awe how once more Superman was Superman!  Christopher Reeve himself would have been proud!  Henry Cavill has finally brought the man of steel back and if I may add is also very hot!!!

So if you are out there and were disappointed by the 2006 fiasco, then fear not 2013 has revived the Superman franchise.  A word of caution though, don’t expect anything deep, philosophical or profoundly artistic from this movie, after all it’s not film festival material it’s Superman.  Watch it with the same open mind and wonder that your five year old self would have watched the Saturday morning cartoons and you’ll enjoyed it much more!  I don’t want to give away any spoilers because you just have to watch the movie yourself, it’s just that awesome!

I will however leave you with a quote from the end of the movie which pretty much sums up what I think of our new Superman 😉

“General Swanwick: What are you smiling about, Captain? – Major Carrie Farris: Nothing Sir, It’s just I think he’s kinda hot.”– Man of Steel (2013).


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