Personal Training…Hunger Talks


I’m not sure if it’s The Walking Dead withdrawal kicking in or just me but sample time at a crowded Costco on Sunday really looked like a Zombie feeding frenzy… Anyway, back to RubySlippers says!

On Hunger:

Me:  I’m always hungry!

RubySlippers:  Girl you’re not hungry, sometimes you’re just bored and you’ve gotta learn the difference!

On Samples:

Me:  I’ve got to go to Costco later

RubySlippers:  Do you like eating samples when you go?

Me:  Yeah, love the snack area ones

RubySlippers:  Don’t!  I better not catch you eating that stuff!

Protein Pancakes:

Me:  I tried the pancakes

RubySlippers:  Love them? They’re delish right?

Me:  No!  They taste funny

RubySlippers:  You just have to have a good blender

Me:  I do, I have a Ninja but I still don’t like them

RubySlippers:  Poor baybee!  Just suck it up, then get used to them and thank me later

On Circuits:

RubySlippers:  So should we do 7s or 10s today?

Me:  Seven!

RubySlippers:  Ok So 10 then!  May the odds be in your favor, Go!

After a Random Workout:

Me:  Hey do you have a minute?

RubySlippers:  Yeah, why?  Do you need a hug?

Me:  Yes, in the locker room at the very back *laugh* No! I just need to ask you something

RubySlippers:  Ok but just one hug I have an image to maintain you know *Laughs*

Final Round:

RubySlippers:  Ok we’re almost done, just five more burpees and five jumping squats, go!

Me:  Done, I’m glad it was only five, thanks!

RubySlippers:  Yeah, I was going to say ten, but then I thought mmm no, I like this girl so I’ll say five.

Me:  Good c’ause I’m dying!

RubySlippers:  Friends?

Me:  Sure

RubySlippers:  *laughs* Ok girl so five more of each Go!

Me:  *done and gasping for air after the last one*

RubySlippers:  Still friends right? *laughs*

Me: No!


Me:  *Running up and down the stairs*

RubySlippers:  ok take a break!

Me:  Maybe you should run the next round of stairs with me

RubySlippers:  Sure, do you want me to?

Me:  Could you wear the 20 Lbs weight vest while you do it

RubySlippers:  Yeah girl if you want me to but you know I’ll still school you right?

Packed Chiseled class:

Me:  Great so I’ll be stuck behind you!

RubySlippers:  You’ve got a good view, I workout! bahaha!


Lana Del Rey starts playing in the middle of the class playlist…

RubySlippers: Oops! Blue jeans, uh, I mean who put that on my playlist?

Pulled Muscle (Pitch Perfect would help U get this):

Me:  What are you doing?

RubySlippers:  Oh don’t mind me I’m just stretching my aaa…I mean glute muscles, totally normal, no big deal!

Me:  Why?

RubySlippers:  Because I pulled them, stop drawing attention to me!

Me:  Okay then.  Oh wait, do you have a bathtub?

RubySlippers:  *Slyly says* Why, what are you getting at?

Me:  Aca-awkward…

RubySlippers:  *Laughs* OK, you just signed up for cardio!

Inclined Situps:

Me:  Are you sure this is safe?

RubySlippers:  Fo sho girl, I’ll show you!

Me: Ok, I’ll think about it

RubySlippers:  Excuse me?  I’m getting off this and you’re doing it!

Me:  You should think about getting longer shorts…

RubySlippers:  *laughs* Trying to cover my bits, but you should probably cover your eyes while I dismount just in case!  Turn around!

Me:  What seriously??? *Laughing & still looking at her*

RubySlippers:  Yes, don’t look!

Me:  You know if I turn around the rest of the people here & I can still see you and your bits in the the mirrors right?

RubySlippers: What did I say, don’t look!  *LOL*


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