TRX a.k.a Modern Day Ninja Training

In keeping with the theme of trying new things, I decided to give a TRX class a try and begin my training as a modern day ninja.  My style probably looked more along the lines of Beverly Hills White Ninja, but hey it’s a start, right ❓  To share in my public display of uncoordinated movments I invited my friend AG but she has this condition called “Idon’tdoearlymorningsatthegym” 😯  As such I was left to try it on my own.  Granted, a few weeks back I did do a TRX session with my trainer RubySlippers and almost died, but it’s one thing for your trainer to see you half passed out and a whole different thing for a group of strangers to witness it.puccaninja

Still, I made up my mind and decided to go to a morning session taught by one of the spinning instructors whose class I’ve attended in the past.  I figured that as long as she knew my name then that’s one less stranger in the class.  Also, since she’s super nice it makes it much easier being a newb in her class and asking for help with my tangled TRX set-up.

The great thing about going to the gym regularly and trying different classes is that some people become very familiar & so the minute I walked into the gym class I recognized a few faces from spinning and Zumba and gravitated to their corner.  Because in all honesty I am way passed the point of being embarrassed in front of anyone who has seen me flailing around at Zumba 🙂  So being the nice people that they are they helped me set-up and of course Tanya our awesome instructor came over and was happy to finally see me give her class a shot.  And so the madness also known as TRX began…TRX

On Today’s Menu:

➡ TRX Squat Jumps
➡ TRX Bicep Curls
➡ TRX Suspended Chest Press
➡ TRX One Legged Lunges
➡ TRX Single Leg Squats
➡ Jumping Jacks, Burpees & Slalom ski jumps sprinkled in between sets just for fun

Side Effects:

➡ That feeling somewhere between being on the verge of passing out and puking…


:arrow:Super Hero T-Shirt soaked in sweat, yeah I know gross but cool!
:arrow:Conquering fear of trying new challenging classes
:arrow:The satisfaction of making it through the class half dead but still standing
:arrow:Wobbly legs
:arrow:Shaky arms


:arrow:None, unless you count those stairs to the locker room…big challenge after TRX

Final Thoughts:

It’s always great to discover how much your body can actually do.  Things don’t get any easier but you get stronger so it all balances itself out.  I also learned something new today from Tanya’s class.  She likes to say:  “If you’re not feeling pukey by the end of the class, then you’re not pushing yourself hard enough!”.  Which means I trained hard, because I was definitely feeling pukey :mrgreen:

Note 2Me:

Keep training hard, moving forward and eating less cookies & stuff!

My challenge 2U:

:arrow:Do Good!
:arrow:Stay active!
:arrow:Drink more water
:arrow:Choose to be happy!
:arrow:Keep moving forward!
:arrow:Be Kind to yourself and others
:arrow:Make one healthy choice a day
:arrow:Stop looking back, let the past stay behind you where it belongs.
:arrow:Getting Fit is an ongoing process so be patient, keep your chin up and don’t give up!

It’s like RubySlippers says:  “You’ve Got This!” 😉


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