Walking On Sunshine

Walking On Sunshine

My friend AG & I had such a perfect day yesterday! We took a little road trip to the beach. We had the windows rolled down, wind in our hair and the sun was everywhere!

As we enjoyed a sinfully D-lish lunch by the beach and talked about anything & everything in between AG’s grunts from muscle soreness/T-Rex mode post workout arms (courtesy of a personal training session she did with Rubyslippers), I was reminded of how incredibly blessed and thankful I am with life 🙂

I know that at times I have been sad when things didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to. I’ve also been sad when I’ve had to walk away from friends who weren’t really friends and from people who were simply too negative and even more so when they left on their own…

I know now that I owe all those people a great deal of gratitude because they taught me a few very important life lessons that I’d like to share with you…

They taught me that it’s okay to walk away from things and people who repeatedly hurt you, because if you don’t then they’ll just keep thinking that you think it’s okay.

They taught me that the only person I can fix/change is myself.

They taught me that love and friendship are a two-way street.

They also taught me that if I love myself others will too.

But most importantly

They taught me to value even more the people who make my life better just by being in it and trust me I do and I hope that they know it.

My life is by no means perfect, but it definitely has its silver lining. After all, I have a wonderful family & amazing friends who love me in spite of my quirks & who make the effort to spend time and connect with me even when they are halfway across the globe. All things considered at the end of the day whether good or medium bad, thanks to the people who love me I guess that while others are just running on fumes, I’m still walking on sunshine 😉


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