Buff Bride To Be

buffbrideGreetings, imacookiefiend followers! It’s AG here, signing in for duty! I come in peace! You may remember me and my K-9 pal Charlie from some fabulous imacookifiend posts. For giggles and to officially be a part of the blog-o-sphere, I’ll call myself “OCDbridetobe”. I, too am an avid follower of the great blogger we’ve come to know and love for her raw outlook on life, fitness and health, which show us precisely how ordinary people can become capable of doing extraordinary things.

As a guest blogger, I have a lot of pressure to live up to… how can I possibly match the quirky, sentimental, and yet down to earth threads that we’ve all become accustomed to? I probably can’t… BUT, I will give it my all, and give you a fresh perspective into yet another fitness buff’s life. I won’t say it’s going to be easy, but like RubySlippers says… “You got this, girl!”

I recently had the pleasure (??) of meeting RubySlippers in all her glory! By “meeting” I more so mean she cut me up, spit me out, then ran over me with a forklift. Metaphorically speaking ;). I had the chance to do a personal training session with the one and only, and let me tell you… imacookiefiend downplays the horror and pain she feels after one of those training sessions! But OH how great it feels… nothing better than not being able to move after the gym! On her list of torturous activities for me was a circuit which we repeated a mere 4 times before I had to take a “sit down/drink some apple juice so I don’t pass out or vomit” break:

  • Jump squats x10
  • Squatted arm raises x10 – Jumping pulls ups x10 (this shouldn’t be legal, just sayin’)
  • Walking lunges w weights x10
  • Push ups x10
  • Sit ups x10
  • Burpees x10 (I prefer the term “suicides” since that’s more accurate as to what they actually are :|)

Yes ladies and gents, this did me in. Which, to be completely honest, surprised me! I have resorted to referring to myself as “T-Rex” over the past few days while I’m in recovery mode from the beating my body took. Have you ever seen the picture of T-Rex trying to make a bed? BINGO! I can’t extend my arms enough to pet poor Charlie… and I’m the crazy lady who’s loving every minute of the burn!  But, let me give you a better idea of my fitness background…t rex

This time last year, I was a scared, struggling addict, new to recovery. My addiction was FOOD. I had nibbled away my problems, calorie by calorie, and wound up a whopping 50 lbs overweight. Enough was enough. I can’t express to you followers enough that the main thing that sparked my fitness journey was ME saying I’m fed up and actually being ready to do this!! I had tried and failed a million times before, because I guess I just wasn’t actually ready to commit.This time was different. 12 months later, a lot of sweat, blood and tears later, here we are with imacookiefiend, and we’re both on the road to “recovery”.

The day I walked into my first Zumba class was life changing, and I’ve never looked back. – 47lbs and I’m in the best shape of my LIFE. I’ve become an avid runner, Zumba-goer (sp?) and fitness freak. So, to summarize, you can understand why I was a bit shocked that I almost died on the gym floor after getting rung through a RubySlippers circuit. This my friends, is what it’s all about. Surprise yourself, step outside your comfort zone. Sometimes we get too comfortable, and while doing something comfortable is better than doing nothing at all… you need to push yourself to your full potential. I will definitely be repeating the torturous circuit, and I hope it will help me achieve the last of my fitness goals.

TO wrap things up for those of you who haven’t clicked “next” or fallen asleep, I am grateful for my health, my family, my friends, and imacookiefiend. We’ve been in this together for a year… while that might not seem like a long time, when you’re getting yourself together, it feels like an eternity. We’ve learned that there will be ups and downs, curves, bumps in the road along the way… but all in all, we have fun, we’ve changed our lives and habits, and we are real world people telling you that you can do the same! You just have to have a little faith in yourself! Be extraordinary!

Signing off, fellow followers… until next time… stay fit and have fun!


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