The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree

Life is like the giving tree, often taken for granted and at times under-appreciated. Still, like a loving parent, in the end when we come full circle it greets us with open arms and a peaceful place to rest our weary souls.

I’ve walked through life more than some and less than others often choosing the path less traveled and at times opting to make my own way through mountains and open sea. Those close to me have often wondered why, and to be honest so have I.

The great thing about life is that it keeps on giving & forgiving, and now after years and my fair share of woes & travels I’ve come full circle once again…only to realize that what I’ve been looking for has been with me all along.  I discovered that purpose doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as living, loving and doing good…the rest is just added bonus.

With that in mind, I now live a simpler yet happier life. I accept that there are things I cannot change, and I choose to work hard to change the things I can. I’m also extremely grateful for the amazing people in my life who’ve stood by me all this time, for those who’ve loved me when I was least loveable and for those who’ve walked or swam part of the way with me. Their unwavering faith in me motivates me to be better each day. I pray that life will continue to grant me strength and time to aspire to inspire so that others can discover the beauty of living life fully here and now and much sooner than I did.


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