Rowing Machines

whywerow2Today’s post is just a little blurb about a post-Zumba rowing experiment at the gym.  Those of you who’ve been following along my past workout posts with RubySlippers know that every training session with her entailed a post-workout, and since usually standing upright was a challenge I developed a love/hate relationship with rowing sprints.

Rowing sprints are great because they work so many muscles, however, each 500m seems to go on forever when you have short legs.  It can at times be mind numbing, so it’s important to bring along a good playlist to keep you going.  Since I no longer have training sessions with RubySlippers, I usually workout & row alone, which I’ve gotten use to over the past few weeks.  Still it’s always much more fun to workout with someone else.

So when KB and AG halfheartedly decided to give rowing machines a try, I was more than happy to oblige and show them the ropes so to speak.  We walked to the co-ed cardio room and AG wasn’t impressed that the rowing machines were right there front and center for all to see.  I know I was initially apprehensive when I started but it’s like Rubyslippers always said:  “you’re here to work on your fitness, so ain’t nobody got time to worry about any of those people”.  So with that in mind, we walked all the way to the front and settled into our respective rowing machines.  I showed KB & AG the display set-up and helped them get started while I watched proudly as they began rowing, grunting and complaining in unison.  Truth be told, this is the most fun I’ve had at the rowing machines 🙂

To my surprise, both KB & AG rose to the challenge and amidst a few complaints they completed two rounds which is a really awesome start.  AG even went as far as trying a round with the same full resistance I use and thanks to the OCD-ish Sheldon Cooper spirit in her she rowed it out!  Granted she was feeling a little pukey by the end of it all but she powered through it, and I made sure to instruct her to direct any projectile pukeyness towards KB and away from me 😉

Note 2U:

Challenge yourself!  Make sure you change things up, because routines can stagnate and pull your motivation right out from under you.  So try a new class, a new machine, a new sport, or even a new variation of your favorite exercise!  Not only will this keep the routine monster at bay but it will also keep your body guessing and your mind engaged.  While you’re at it, if your gym has rowing machines, then go ahead and give them a try & make sure you come back and let us know how much you loved it!

Whatever you decide to do make sure it’s to better yourself.  Stop looking back & keep moving forward because that’s the only way you’ll truly move on.  Most importantly never ever give up on yourself because although it won’t be easy and you’ll have to work at it everyday, you can bring positive changes to your life, it’s like RubySlippers says:  “You’ve got this!”


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