Happy Sunday everyone! Sundays have always been my favorite days. Mostly because everything seems to slow down and it’s okay to lounge around on a lazy Sunday afternoon. So make sure you enjoy today! Take a moment for yourself and think about how far you’ve come. Think of how much higher you can still soar! Think of the wonderful people and things in your life and be grateful for them. Remind yourself to slow down every now and then to enjoy life around you.

Smile often and soon enough you’ll realize that if you do, then the Universe will start smiling right back at you. As you go through your day, think of how great your life can still be, and ask yourself what else you can do to make it happen. Take those positive thoughts with you to bed, and dream of all those amazing things you can still accomplish.

Keep in mind that your life might not be where you had envisioned it to be right now, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get there. So stay positive, work hard, do good and don’t be afraid to dream big!

This is my 100th post 😛 Thanks to each and everyone of you for reading, sharing, commenting, following, inspiring & motivating me to continue on my imacookiefiend journey ❗ Sending lots of positive thoughts & encouragement right back at ya!



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