Golf 101

Xtreme Sport:  Golf

Who knew golf could be so extreme??? Loose golf clubs flying in the air, golf balls flying everywhere, menacing clouds, bouts of pouring rain…and then to top it all off and make my first golfing experience even more awesome; a double rainbow!

I tell ya, AG, S, and I really live on the edge, or more so the people golfing around us without helmets *LOL*

Final Thoughts:

  • Sometimes the unexpected turns out better than expected, so don’t be afraid to try new things!
  • Like golf, yes try golf!
  • How can anyone hate golf?
  • Renewed for Tiger’s golfing skills!
  • If you ever go golfing with me, be prepared to hear: “don’t judge me”, “that was a practice shot”, “Just one more? I accidentally closed my eyes” among other things…Yes, I’m a walking action figure, and my super power is talking and sometimes quoting silly movie stuff 😛
  • You know you have brave friends when they don’t wear a helmet and stand by or behind you as you take your first ever full on golf swing…
  • Worried that perhaps a new love has replaced Zumba in my heart…could it be golf??
  • You know it’s bad when you say: “I don’t have A Twitter”
  • Taking the plunge & joining Twitterverse…I make no promises except that it will all be 140 characters or less! @ImaCookiefiend

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