Sometimes in life, there are parts of the road that we must walk alone. There are things that we must work through and come to terms with on our own. It’s in these moments that we discover how strong we truly are. And through the darkness we stumble, we fall, we even bend a little, but as we rise and power through our deepest fears and highest hurdles we get a glimpse of the light that awaits on the other side.

As we reach the final stretch of those darkest days, we see that the grass really is greener on the other side. Weary and tired as we may be from our long journey within, we see the glimmer of hope in those who love us and wait for us on the brighter side. We hold on to the familiar sound of their voices, fueled by their love and encouragement we continuously strive to reach that better place within us. For us, for them, for everyone around us, we emerge, changed and stronger…eager to greet the light of each new day and continue our pursuit of happiness.




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