Save The Date


Photo Credit: Holly of Hipnotik Photography

I’ve had the longest week, with ups and downs, and some over indulgence on my part.  I have also slacked on my workouts and well, lets just say Dr. Pepper and I seemed to be going steady there for a while.

However, yesterday I woke up feeling heavy and a little sick as I dragged myself to meet two old friends and chill on a patio downtown. It was so beautiful out, I just couldn’t justify staying inside.  So I went and sat and chatted and ate a pub sized burger and fries, and I’m not going to lie it tasted sinfully delicious.  Unfortunately, I was left feeling worst and my stomach was a little upset.  That and a pinch of self-loathing that comes with overeating stuff I know I shouldn’t.

After all that I made my way home, thinking about how much I like being able to fit into single digit pant sizes, so I decided that I needed to stop with the junk food frenzy of these last two weeks.  Being busy, and changing are good things, and I don’t want them to turn into excuses for not doing what I should, or for sabotaging myself. I think for a moment I lost my footing, and slipped back to my old ways, because it’s just so easy.  Luckily, this time I know the signs and I never want to go back to being that girl, because I kinda like the ME of now much better.

So as I was reading through some things, and other great blogs, looking for motivation.  I remembered my friend AG’s picture link which for some bizarre reason I hadn’t been able to check on my phone.  As I looked through the pics I realized how far we’ve come and how happy I am for Charlie’s mom & dad’s big day.  It’s funny how sometimes little reminders of the good things in your life can nudge you back on track…well, that and the thought of Cancun 2014!  Can’t wait!!!! Your smiling faces, and Charlie’s cuteness made my day!

Final Thoughts:

I’m starting this week from zero.  I’ve decided to leave the guilt and baggage of the last two weeks in the past where they belong, and just move forward from here.  My goal this week is to make it to the gym 5 days, and to break-up with Dr. Pepper.  I also need to work on getting more sleep  and sticking to this thing called vertical running…especially if a 5K or zombie apocalypse is somewhere in my future.  One day AG, one day I’ll be able to run the whole path no breaks like you and Charles…I hope 😉

Note 2U:

You can fall and make mistakes just as long as you get back up and learn from them.  Don’t beat yourself up over things you didn’t do quite right, instead focus on how you can improve and better yourself.  Also, and this is harder for some than others, sometimes you have to be like the gambler in an old Kenny Rogers song and know when to walk away.  There are people and situations in your life that constantly bring you down, and it’s important that you realize that it’s okay to take a break. Surround yourself with positive people, and find what makes you happy!

In the end, it’s like RubySlippers says:  “You’ve got this”!


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