As some of you know my internal alarm clock makes it difficult for me to sleep past the 5am mark. This morning as I wrestled and attempted to continue with my “fake sleep” I kept thinking about Diana Nyad’s incredible feat.

I kept thinking, forget Ben Affleck trying to be Batman, here is a woman who has accomplished something superhuman. Here is someone who trained hard, visualized, and made her life long dream come true. If anyone is a superhero deserving of an action figure it’s her.

As she reached the other shore she embodied and cheered Robin Roberts’ motto which is “Never Ever Give Up!” And I think that’s an important message.

We live in such a chaotic world and there’s so much going on around us that it’s easy to lose sight of what is important to us. Sometimes we give up too easily, we let numbers like age and the balance of our bank account limit us. But truth be told, Diana is also right when she says that we need to stop quitting so soon.  She shares her new mantra which is “Find A Way”. Because as she says, if it’s important to you and if you really want it, then you will find a way.

So think about what you want out of life. Think about what you want to change in your life to make it better. Ask yourself how bad you really want it, and if you’ve got what it takes to make it happen. If you’re unsure of the answer then let me help you. The answer is YES YOU DO!

Others might doubt or mock you, but who cares! If you believe in yourself then stay the course. Don’t quit, Ever! Remember that impossible just means it’ll take a lot more work and a little more time but you’ll get there.

So follow your dreams, stay the course, enjoy the journey and whether it takes you one, five or one-hundred attempts, know in your heart that you will make it to the other shore!


Also if you’re making excuses for yourself like I was earlier today to skip out on my workout, please don’t!  Instead look for ways to debunk and crush those excuses.  Today I had 3 motivating factors:

  1. If a 64 year old woman can swim 110 miles then I can walk myself to the gym and workout.
  2. My friend KB stepping it up each day, making her step quota, and encouraging me to stay the course.
  3. My mom deciding to get back on track and as RubySlippers would say “work on fitness”

2 thoughts on “Journey

  1. super super post! lovely blog! i agree we cannot let “numbers” stop us. i am from south africa and my dream is to be an actress.. and look, i have already made my way to new york to study it! nothing is impossible!! 😛 thanks for this, i have had a real dose of inspiration!! check out my blog at xxx ❤

    • Thanks for your lovely comment Tamika! I hope others stop by your blog and read your GIVING BACK post, so that they might be inspired to do good and make a difference in their communities. Keep following your dreams & Good luck in NYC!

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