Hey Imacookiefiend readers, I’m back!
As you all know by now, I’m a work in progress. My biggest project right now is ME, and so I’ve been really busy these past few days working on that. Like most humans, I’m a creature of habits. Some like my new working out habit are good, and others like my cookie eating habits and limited/almost non existing social life are kinda medium mad. Since I’m set to start tackling my eating habits with my September 21st challenge, I thought I’d get started on my socializing before then, while I’m still me…as in not insufferable from the sugar/carb detox/withdrawal. The thought of giving up all the sugary junk I ❤ so much is starting to feel a little too real now that the date is almost here.

As for this social thing, it’s not easy either. Don’t get me wrong, I’m by no means über shy or nerdy…actually I take that back I’m a big nerd, but since The Big Bang Theory & now Michelle Chamuel’s breakthrough it seems we’re pretty cool these days. But no seriously, I’m okay, it seems I’m pretty likeable, people think I’m funny, some even think I’m witty, I have friends I’ve known longer than I haven’t, and somehow I seem to know a lot of people.

Come to think of it, I have lot acquaintances but I don’t have many friends, and that’s okay because I think these days people use that term all too loosely. Especially on social media, where I’ve been told by people who don’t really know me that I’m a Facebook snob because I won’t add them after meeting them for five seconds. But really, is it so bad that I only want to have my friends who live miles away on FB or those whose grandparents, parents and now children I know?? After all, my friends know me, they accept it, and those who live near know I see or text them enough to not need FB to see what they’re up to, so why should some stranger judge me, right??? But who knows, maybe I really am a Facebook snob :/

Anyway, the friends I do have, I love and cherish very much, and although most of them are scattered in different parts of the world, I really make and effort to keep in touch. I realize now how important that is. I also realize that no matter how much I love them & they love me, no matter how much we text, Skype, Facetime and so forth, it cannot replace a real human connection. And so, for their peace of mind and that of my family, and really who am I kidding, just to stop them all from nagging me (lol), I’ve decided to humor them and expand my circle of IRL friends here in the city I live in now.

It’s a little daunting, not because I can’t do it, but because it takes time for me to share and really let people into my life, and sometimes people try to rush things and that approach just doesn’t work for me.  Truth be told it irks me.  It’s no secret to my friends. They know that once I’m comfortable I talk a lot.  I love listening to them and sharing with them but they also know that if I feel accosted by people I don’t know at their get-togethers, then I clam up.  After all, my life is not an open book.  I might blog about certain things in an attempt to sort through some aspects of my life, but since I’m not a celebrity who lives off of the public, I think I still have the right to privacy and to choose what I do or do not share.

However, some people it seems can’t handle not knowing everything about someone.  They seem to think that you can’t be friends unless you’re willing to give them a play-by-play of your life like some do on Instagram, and that’s their prerogative.  Lucky for me others like AG understand it and that’s why we end up being friends. She gets my quirks and I get her OCD, as with all my friends it’s pretty quid pro quo I would say 😉

Speaking of AG, she finally made the leap into the blogosphere so feel free to check out her blog’s first post here. As I was typing this I realized that she is like my newest friend, and since we’ve known each other for over two years that means it’s been that long since I’ve really made an effort on the new friend front…Unless we count RubySlippers, but that’s more of a Stockholmish kinda friendship so I don’t know, it’s an iffy one *LOL*

Still getting back to my new friend thing, I think I’m making headway now. There have been quite a few à la Simon Cowell “That’s a no for me!” prospects in the past few weeks. Which is fine, because some things in life are trial and error. The good thing is that I’m trying, I’m taking time to live and enjoy the process. Which also makes me appreciate my few but true friends even more.  They are incredibly supportive and inspire at times even nag me into action & I know it’s out of love so I’m thankful for it all.

Well, it’s late and I’ve rambled on long enough, it’s almost Sunday my favorite day. The weather is changing pretty quickly and sweater season is upon us.  So the point of this post is that in the end, there’s no stopping change. It is inevitable…well except from the vending machine at most places I’ve worked, but that’s another story.  As such I’m embracing change and seeing where it leads.  For the near future it’s taking us to the movies on a chilly Sunday afternoon with one of my brothers, AG and a new…”Wait For It”…friend!


2 thoughts on “Inevitable

  1. Lmao @ that’s a no for me!! Hahaha. I’m the same way. Ad you just made me realize you’re probably my newest friend too in the “we talk and see each other sense” (there’s others who I talk to at work or school but acquaintance is a better word like you said!)

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