Cookie Thoughts

girlguidecookiesI’ve been meaning to post another RubySlippers Sayz post, but my mind has been too busy thinking about all the sugar and cookies it’s not having.  Then thinking about the box of chocolatey mint cookies that I will buy in support of Girl Guides because one has to be supportive right???  The sad part is that I will have to share and won’t get to eat as many as I have in the past.  To be honest I saw a box today on my friend’s desk and as she offered me some, I came very close to not just eating one but going full out cookie monster on the box!  Then I took a deep breath and went back to munching on my baby carrots.

I know that I could have had just one or two.  But the rules of our little challenge are pretty clear on the no sugar/cookie deal.  So until my next cheat meal on Saturday, I have to stick it out.  This self-control thing I have under control for most things in my life, but it seems food isn’t one of them…hopefully I’ll get the hang of it after these twelve weeks. So fingers crossed!  But enough about me and my cookie thoughts, and on to things RubySlippers says.  Again, I apologize because it’s much funnier if you heard her say these things, but unfortunately or perhaps fortunately it’s not a vlog…

Burpee Jump-ups:

RubySlippers:  Ok so we’ll just do 10 of these

Me:  Why do you always say we?

RubySlippers:  Because I’m the one keeping count

Me:  How many more?

RubySlippers:  *Laughs* I may have lost count, but let’s do two more just to be safe

Push-Up Marathon:

Me:  *Dying and trying to finish the crazy amount of real push-ups*

RubySlippers:  *counting*… And A Half!

Me:  *grunting* Why?

RubySlippers:  Well…are those even real push-ups? C’mon!

Texting @ Chiseled:

Random girl texting mid class workout

RubySlippers:  Oh, don’t mind me I’m just trying to teach the class, but it’s ok, we’ll wait for you, are you done texting??? Is everything ok in the blackberry world? *lol*

Her Ink:

Me:  Nice Ink!

RubySlippers:  Oh you saw my boo boo!  I was in Vegas, had to do it no regrets!

Me:  Who’s Bronx?

RubySlippers:  My puppieee, he’s such a little monkey!  Seriously he’s the cutest dog in all of lands! Love, love, love him!

Me:  Excuse me have you seen my mean trainer?  I think I may have lost her over a puppy

Social Media:

Me:  I like to keep it simple just faces of friends who live away and that I’d like to see again

RubySlippers:  I don’t really use FaceBook anymore now that I’m on Instagram, do you have it?

Me:  No, I don’t really post that many pictures do you?

RubySlippers:  Yeah girl that’s what it’s for, I post millions of pictures of my pup, but that’s totally normal right?

Me:  Really you’re that girl?

RubySlippers:  No!  Ok actually yeah, but I try to limit myself to one a day, but he’s so effin cute!!! *LOL*

Locker Room

I walk into the locker room and proceed to the back lockers where it’s usually less crowded and run into RubySlippers as she is changing…

RubySlippers:  Wow! Hey, don’t walk in on me while I’m changing! *turns around half hiding in her locker*

Me:  I’m sorry shall I knock before I come into the locker room next time?

RubySlippers:  Yep! *laughs*

Me: Why are you hiding to change? You know there are bikini pics of you from your competitions right?

 RubySlippers:  Yes, but people are self-conscious

Me:  Dude, what are you self-conscious about???

RubySlippers:  No not me, I’m just modest.  Now go! Get out of here! I have to change*laughs*

Next Training Session

RubySlippers:  So we’re still on for next week right?

Me:  Yup!

RubySlippers: So should we do a circuit or maybe legs?

Me: Neither

RubySlippers:  Wait, what?  Why am I asking you, I’m still your trainer so I get to decide. You may want to bring your helmet *flashes her devious smile*


Please support Girl Guides! Buy some cookies, just make sure you share them and don’t cookie monster them all by yourself okay! 😎


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