You’re Here!

photo(88)Ah, Sunday it’s finally here!  Even with the cheat meal and Slurpee on Saturday, I must say nothing beats a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  I should have thought the challenge through and started it on a Sunday.  I’ll keep it in mind for the next one!  Today is just about enjoying a nice carefree walk and soaking in the last bit of Sunshine before the inevitable W comes.  But until then I don’t want to think of it and will simply try to keep flip-flops on til the very end…

My brain keeps telling me that a Starbucks cookie and a Dr. Pepper would make this day so much better.  Yet my heart knows, that it’s already perfect!  Today I’m thankful for where I am, what I have, and what lies ahead.  Change is a scary thing, but it’s also a necessary.  I am still work in progress, but progress, no matter how slow and tedious is still better than that old feeling of being stuck.

This week marks the start a new chapter in my life, and I’m really psyched about it!  It was a long shot, and at first not something I thought I could pursue, but then my friend AC asked me why not?  As I went through all my excuses, she proceeded to shut each one down, and reminded me of things I say and how I should take my own advice.  So, I listened and took a shot, a long shot, that now has set me on a new course 🙂

Final Thoughts:

If you have a shot, take it!  You might be pleasantly surprised with the results!  I hope that whenever you doubt yourself, someone or something around you reminds you of how great you are and how much you actually have to offer the world around you.  We should never forget our own value.

Your presence out there as you read my blog is motivation in it of itself for me!  Thanks again for reading, for following, for commenting! Today I leave you with words of wisdom from one of hockey’s finest…waynegretzky


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