skunk_sprayOne more week down! Probably one of the hardest weeks, mainly because I’ve had to eat out for lunch at the office, and as fun as that is, it can be a tricky business. Especially because there are so many delicious albeit high calorie options that are way more appealing than a vegetarian taco salad and a cardboard tasting vegan-ish dessert. Which in a way is good because if all dessert tasted like that then I would get into a habit of always skipping it!

Although I’ve had a really good week personally and work wise, I can’t say the same for my challenge…Which I’m not going to lie, is a bit disappointing. But, since we’ve decided to keep our glass 1/2 full glasses on, then it’s just a matter of tweaking things a bit to see if that might work better.

This Week’s Post Thanksgiving Feast Game Plan Was:

  • Monday: Spin Class
  • Tuesday: Skipped out on my workout
  • Wednesday: Zumba
  • Thursday: Spin Class
  • Friday: Zumba
  • Saturday: Walk turned skunk run…
  • Sunday: Rest day


  • Sleeping better
  • More Energy to get me through my longer days
  • Weight maintained
  • 0.5 Lbs lost

Final Thoughts:
Sometimes I find it hard to focus on the positive results, especially when I fall short of the one goal I really wanted to meet. Still, as bummed out as I might be, I have to keep in mind that it took years of unhealthy eating habits to put that weight on, so it will take a while and a lot of effort to shred it off. It’s about really finding sustainable healthy alternatives. Things I’ll stick to, long after I reach my ultimate weight loss goal. So if you’re going through something similar, I get it.  Still, whether you’ve lost zero pounds or ten this week, remember to feel proud of the effort you’ve put into getting better and stronger.

Then, ask yourself if you’ve really given 100% of yourself. If you have, then that’s awesome, keep at it and make next week even better! If you haven’t given it your all, then find out why. Are you sabotaging yourself? What excuses are holding you back?

Be honest with yourself, and if at the end of the day you realize that the problem is you just half-assing it, then it’s time to step up your game, and bring it! Change your playlist, throw some sneakers on and train hard, because that’s the only way you’ll get results. I know it and you know it, now we basically just have to listen to Nike and JUST DO IT!

So learn from my mistakes, and keep at it! Try something new like running, cycling or even Zumba and give it a chance before you give up on it. Don’t be like me, don’t wait for a Zombie Apocalypse or your neighborhood skunks to charge full speed towards you on your evening walk to get back into running…I can laugh about it now, but a few hours ago it wasn’t funny at all!


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