Day Off

off-day-largeSometimes you just need a day off. Maybe not from your day to day obligations, but more so from people or things in your life that bog you down. I’ve come to realize that no matter how hard you try, you can’t please everybody. Sometimes in an attempt to make everyone else around you happy, you lose the balance in your life that once made you happy.

I’ve also discovered that some people love being miserable. They cling to drama and at times create it just to hold on to a twisted sense of power they feel over either playing victim or trying to make others feel guilty about being happy when they themselves are not. I don’t know if they are aware that they are doing this, and quite honestly I hope that they don’t do it purposely because intentionally raining on your friend’s parade is a horrible thing to do.

Unfortunately, I know two or three of these people. I’ve known them for a long time, and I think that’s why it’s so hard to sever ties… Still, I’ve know for a while now that I need a lot of distance from them. Because at the end of the day, they are toxic.

You might know people like them in your life. People who leave you feeling slightly depressed after every conversation with them. And by this I don’t mean a friend who is going through hard times or someone who has an uphill battle going on in their lives. Those are after all legitimate reasons for leaning on your friends, and I for one am all for helping your friends especially when they’re down.  But the people I’m referring to are those who have everything to be happy but don’t enjoy life because they keep looking back and even hold on to old grudges of something someone said or did in high school that nobody even remembers.  People who try to look for flaws in anything you say or do or who can’t move on without having the last word.  People who can’t even be happy for you when you have good news to share with them, and come close to making you feel bad about your good news.

Perhaps I’m not the bigger person at this time in my life, but I feel that if I’m working on me I have to make sure that I find ways of effectively shielding myself from their negativity or put some distance between me and them. For some it might mean taking a day off and away from them and for others it might mean an indefinite hiatus from those people who seem to have a knack for sucking the joy not only out of their lives, but out of others.

As for those with whom it’s close to impossible to distance myself from, then I’ve decided that I simply need to think happy thoughts when I’m around them, think of my favorite Dr.Seuss quotes and or maybe even mentally sing while they rant. I also have to remind myself that the things they say are not really about me, but a reflection of them and how they feel about themselves. Because if you can’t be happy for the sunshine in the life of the people you’re supposed to love and care about, then there’s some major issues you might need help working through.

Final Thoughts:

Overall it’s been a cold yet happy day today.  I’m doing something I really love, so work doesn’t feel like work and time seems to fly by.  I’ve taken a day off from caring about crappy things others have to say.  I’ve chosen to only believe what I want on this Off Day.  It also helps that A) I want to dream and believe only happy things today and B) I’ve found out my friend JT will be coming from all the way across the world to hang out & maybe hit a few Starbucks (official birth place of this blog) for cookies nom, nom, nom…Can’t Wait for boxing day, or more importantly JT’s flight arrival day!!!!

Note 2U:

  • Always chose happiness!
  • Don’t let a little rain stop you from dancing!
  • Be kind to yourself & others

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