Unsung Heroes


Hi everybody, I hope you all had a spooktacular time this Halloween! I’ve never been much for Halloween, but these last two years I’ve actually made an effort and find myself having fun in the process. In part I have AG to thank because both times I’ve gone costume shopping for her yearly Halloween party & both times something has prevented me from making it. Although, last year we did eventually meet up in costume at the after-party, where I must say the AG group turned a disastrous Halloween into a pretty cool one πŸ™‚

Which is why I was actually looking forward to this year’s. However a really good cause ran longer than expected and I couldn’t make it, but I’m not one for quitting, so here’s hoping for next year! My costume was put to good use at the office and since nobody from the party has actually seen it, I guess I’m all set for next year πŸ™‚

This Halloween week I’ve had the good fortune of being part of a few good causes, and to witness first hand what great things can come when people work together. I’ve had the privilege of meeting some brave and amazing people who’ve battled adversity and survived it stronger than ever. The great thing about the people I met was that they were not bitter nor angry at life, instead they embraced it. They came together with their loved ones in tow, to support others who were going through that very same battle and to honor those unsung heroes who lost their lives to cancer.

This past week, I’ve reflected on some of the words of wisdom survivors and supporters alike shared with me. I realized that we often forget what a gift life is…, We waste time complaining about everything that’s wrong in our lives instead of focusing on what’s good. We suck the joy out of life by comparing ourselves to others when there is no need to do so because our only “competition” stares right back at us each time we look in the mirror. We plan and plan and snap pictures and are abuzz on social media but forget to live and connect IRL *LOL* You see we don’t even write out all the words anymore, everything is abbreviated because we’re in a hurry even when we don’t know where we’re actually going. The worst part of it all is that many of us live in this constant zombie state and don’t even know it…

My final thoughts today are things I learned from Survivors of the big C:

  • Life is a gift
  • Don’t give up!
  • Kindness and smiles do make a difference
  • When you’re going through hell, keep going!
  • Never be too proud to ask for help
  • Do good, it will do you even more good
  • Comparison is the thief of joy
  • Be grateful
  • Live one day at a time
  • Strive to be better than you were yesterday
  • There is always hope!

3 thoughts on “Unsung Heroes

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