Everyone Loves Food

Hey everyone! I’ve been super busy these last few weeks and the funny thing is that the busier life gets, the more I seem to get bombarded with silly emails/posts and texts that make me laugh!
But as my friend KC.D. recently reminded me, you should: “never let your friends feel lonely…disturb them all the time!”. And that’s fine by me! I love hearing what my friends and their broods are up to.

Some are really far away and it’s great that even through the distance we can stay connected. I sometimes wish I had made better use of technology in my younger years, but at this point there’s no time to waste on “could’ve, would’ve, should’ve s”

So, learn from the mistakes of my youth and use your resources well. Stay in touch with those you love. Hang out and go for coffee when they’re near and call, text & disturb when they’re not so near. The technology is there and snail mail still exists, so write a letter, send a post card, nurture your relationships & friendships.

Anyway, I’ve always believed that laughter is wonderful thing. It makes days go by so much faster and better. Which is probably why I miss my role in my old life, in a land far away, where scrubs were trendy and where laughter, mountains and beaches were always around the corner 🙂

It’s also why I love what I do now! I’m fortunate to be surrounded by a wonderful group of people who do good. We work hard and laugh even harder.  Can it truly be called work if you’re having so much fun doing it???

Well, I’ve rambled on long enough. But I wanted to make sure I stopped by, and shared this video that makes the cookie fiend in me giggle each time I see it..Almost as much as “What does the fox say”, but that’s another post LOL!


Final Thoughts:

  • Be kind to yourself & others
  • Do good
  • Be good (Christmas is around the corner & Santa’s making his list and checking it twice, so you might still have a chance at getting on it 😉
  • Make healthier choice, and remember that doesn’t mean going hungry all day
  • Workout (A workout is better than no workout)
  • Choose to be happy!

If you have a few more minutes, here’s another video that also makes sense…


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