Gifts in Kind

Someone asked me today why I seemed so happy.  I said it was because I was looking at the date and realized that one of my oldest friends and Starbucks buddy JT was coming for a visit over the holidays.  My answer seemed to be disappointing and was answered with an :”Oh, I thought you were getting a big surprise or something”.  I smiled and went back to the glow of my screen, still smiling.

It reminded me that perhaps I am a little more fortunate than others, because when s#tuff hits the fan I know that I have two things that will soften any blow life throws my way:  A family who drives me a little crazy from time to time, but always has my back.  And a small group of wonderful people who continue to give me the best gift ever…their friendship 🙂

Final Thoughts:

This holiday season, make time for those you love.  Enjoy every minute you share with them, because you never know how many more moments life will give you.  Remember that although it might sound cliche, the best gifts don’t come from a store, they come from the heart.redgift


Don’t wait for #GivingTuesdays to be kind.  Give a smile, give your time, give what you can, because every little bit counts.


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