Shopping Workout

Shopping Workout

I was starting to get a little worried that we might not have enough snow for Christmas, but after today I think it’s safe to say we’ll be ok. I had plans to hit the gym today, especially since I might workout with RubySlippers soon, and well the thought is always a little scary.

Especially so close to the holidays when everything involves a big sugar/carb feast. Lately there seem to be cookies and treats everywhere I go. Everyone is in the spirit of giving, and we all know my body is always in the spirit of taking cookies and pretty much any carb/sugar combination 😦

I do however limit myself to a cookie or two, and I’m not going to lie, come Christmas I’ll have cake, and candy cane ice cream and more than a few of my favorite things. Until then though I’d like to be semi-good, but it’s a struggle. So to balance it out I have to make it to the gym more often.

Lucky for me my brother has been doing a weight loss competition and has dragged me along to some of his workouts. He better remember all the moral support his favorite sister gave him when he’s out getting my Christmas present LOL!

With my luck he`ll send me back to train with Rubyslippers…I can already feel the pain 😎 Until then, well I have to make sure I keep moving on days like today when the gym is not an option. Because, well, I was out keeping my mom company as she and a million other people in this city shopped at the same mall today.

Seriously, who needs Rubyslippers when you can get a workout being my mom`s personal assistant around a crowded mall…

On Today`s Menu:
– Walking the entire length of a crowded mall a million times, no joke
– Progressively increasing weight of packages
– lifting numerous bags for countless reps to avoid seemingly unattended/unruly children running around the mall
– Making trips to and back from the car to store bags.
– Standing in the checkout line for a million hours

I’m exhausted just thinking about it, and my legs keep reminding me of last week’s leg day. In the end it made my mom happy to have me there, and she knows Santa, so hopefully she’ll put in a good word for me…and maybe, just maybe, he’ll overlook my bouts of medium-badness 🙂

Who am I kidding?!??  I’m lucky my brother’s getting my present, Santa it seems has like a one strike you’re out policy…which is why I’m eating his cookies and lactose free milk this year hohoho! Not out of spite, but to help him, because the jolly old fellow could benefit from losing a few pounds, right? I’m looking out for you Santa 🙂

Well, I’ve rambled on long enough, when really the point is that even though you can’t make it to the gym, you can still chose to keep moving. Whether it’s a walk, a jog, or running around after your mom at the mall, there’s always something you can do.

Enjoy this holiday season, and enjoy the company of the people you love. Life is unpredictably fragile and volatile, so don’t take it or the people you love for granted…


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