A gift I wish to share with you….

Props to T.J. Hoban for sharing some cool beats!

TJ Hoban

I used to DJ all over the world for many years, Ibiza, Amsterdam, Japan, China, USA and the list goes on.  Now I only play for fun, every now and than, at select events.  One of my favorite sets was last Labor Day weekend in Las Vegas at the Marquee pool party.   Great people, great time, great sounds.  I recorded the set that day and haven’t stopped listening to the first hour of it since.  Whether you like EDM or not, I think you’ll enjoy it.  It smooth, beautiful, and filled with many crossover hits.  It’s packed with some of my fav tracks and a few of my personal remixes.  It’s brought me great vibes for the last few months and now I wish to share with you as a New Years gift.  You can download it free on any device at the soundcloud link below.  No catch, no…

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