New Year’s Resolutions, those crazy little words that people write down and say every January. New Year’s Resolutions are a great thing, but only if keep them. Since I know myself well enough to know I rarely keep my own New Year’s resolution, I resolved quite some time ago not to make any. Why put that kind of pressure on myself, only to give self-loathing another excuse to visit me come February?

The problem with all those spontaneous resolutions made while we are pumped up on holiday cheer and all its sugary carb-loaded deliciousness, is that we don’t think them through. We make them and expect them to happen overnight in the same way children expect Santa to go around the world in one night delivering presents. When the reality is that unless you have Santa’s magic, a lot of the things you want won’t happen unless you’re willing to put time and a lot of work into them. A LOT of work!

The other thing to keep in mind is the enthusiasm with which you jump into these short lived resolutions. Enthusiasm like motivation wears off, it has to be renewed constantly, so be prepared to do so. As the honeymoon stage of your resolutions wears off, you have to remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. If you can’t remember the why, or if it’s not an important and compelling why, then maybe it’s time to reconsider and find a truly meaningful reason to do what you do.  Because as Diana Nyad once said if it`s important to you…“you`ll find a way“.  Otherwise you`ll be like all those people who were not at the deserted gym on Friday…yes already 2 weeks into the 2014 game and the crowds have thinned out.  I`m not complaining about all the space, but it`s a little sad to know that already people are paying and not using their memberships, and most will continue that way for the remaining 11 months of their contract.  So please, don`t be that girl/guy who only lasted 2 weeks at the gym.

This 2014, join me in not writing down and constantly obsessing over new year`s resolutions.  Instead let`s pledge to actually keep moving and taking action in our lives.  Let`s be a little less talk and a lot more action!  Don`t join things because they are trendy, try them out first.  Then, if you do join and start something, stick to it!

Keep your chin up and your goals in mind, then work hard for them.  Do you dream about having a beach body?  Then eat healthy and train hard for those abs and buns of steel!  Because Dreams are great, they are projections of what your heart wants.  But to make dreams come true you need more than just heart, you HAVE TO DO the work!

I`ve been kinda stuck in this pattern where I do my thing M-F like it`s a 9 to 5 thing, and then on the weekend I just do what I want and it most certainly does not include working out.  Today as I type away, I realize how crazy that mentality is and how easy it is to fall into it so comfortably.  The reality is that life is a 24/7 gig and so should your work.  When I say work I don`t mean what you do for a living, that`s just your bread and butter.  When I say work, I mean real work.  Work is everything else you do to be better and improve the substance that is You.  For some it`s getting back on track with life, for others it`s finding what that track is.  It really is different for everyone.

For me it`s shaping my life and breathing meaning back into it.  As RubySlippers says:  “we all have a story“…and we do.  Mine is a bit of an on-going sitcom, but I`m not going to bore you with it (although you would probably pee your pants laughing at some parts of it), instead I am going to ask you to think about your own story.  Think not about the past, but about right now and what you would like to change moving forward.  Think about the here and now parts that are making you feel the way you do.  Then take the first step and decide to change!  Once you make that heart felt choice out of your own free-will, then and only then will you “find a way“.  If love for others can make you do crazy and heroic things, just imagine what true love of self can do for your life…

So rekindle your love for yourself, and if you don`t like who you are then re-invent yourself!  Get back into the driver seat of your life, and take it somewhere!  Remember that nothing changes if nothing changes, so let`s change!  It`s like RubySlippers says:“You`ve got this!“

As for me, I`m off to get re-acquainted with long lost push-ups…and working on shedding one pound at a time.  I am still a work in progress, and as slow as that process may seem, I remind myself that each inch of progress brings me closer to my ultimate goal of a lifetime of guilt-free cookies on Sundays 🙂


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